4 Apple Carplay IOS13 enhancements

4 Apple Carplay IOS13 enhancements.


If you didn't know it, you should know that Carplay is a tool from the American firm Apple, which allows an iPhone device to connect to your car in order to display a simplified IOS interface. It is therefore a faster and more efficient way to access a number of applications for use in your car. Thanks to the Siri software on which Carplay relies, you can issue commands without taking your eyes off the road. This is quite the opposite of the interfaces in modern cars, which are limited and complicated. These cars also have some really ugly voice-assistants, some of which don't allow you to use applications on your phone.

carplay ios13


Since 2019, Carplay users have realized that a lot has changed with the installation of IOS 13. So that means new options, a new interface and additional features. In addition to the icon grid for Carplay-compatible applications, you will now have to do with the Dashboard; by that we mean one screen for multiple sources of information. Besides that, there are some notable innovations such as:

Sharing time of arrival

It's about sharing your arrival time with the people you're going to meet. How is that possible? Indeed, an i-message will be sent directly with the estimated time, and others will follow as the time of the journey gets longer.

The new calendar app

The main innovation here is that this new application is able to show all the content of your day. If some of your events are accompanied by an address or a telephone contact, it is possible to either make a call or request a route using this interface.

The new settings

One of the few settings offered by the interface is the «do not disturb» setting, which is automatically activated once the application is activated. It is therefore possible to send a message that you are behind the wheel. The second setting relates to the brightness; you can toggle between dark and light. However, at night only the dark one is available. During the day, however, you can toggle between light and dark.

The improvement of Siri

The apple company has worked out how Siri should appear when called. It no longer appears when filling the screen, it is now in the form of a soundtrack just below the animation to avoid making mistakes when you are in the middle of the journey.


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