• Which cable for Android Auto?

    Does your vehicle have Android Auto? Have you just installed it in your car? If so, you should know that choosing the right cable is not an easy thing. So, which cable do you use for Android Auto? We will take a closer look at it!
  • Android Auto with Android 10

    Compatible with more than 500 vehicle and radio models, Android Auto is among the most popular technologies for drivers. With the Android 10 version, Google's OS for automotive offers new features. So, Android Auto and Android 10, what do you need to know?
  • Tutorial: Connecting original wifi antenna BMW

    Tutorial: Connecting original wifi antenna BMW Since the end of 2016, BMW has made the Apple Carplay an option on certain vehicles. As a major pre...
  • Which iDrive system do I have? (CCC, CIC, NBT)

    BMW is working all the time on iDrive interface changes, as well as introducing newer, more advanced hardware and faster processors to support new features. The iDrive system (or the head unit, which is its main element) in each BMW defines not only the availability or absence of these very features and also its price.
  • Carplay installation tutorial on Mini Countryman

    We will see here in pictures how Apple Carplay is installed on a 2018 MINI Countryman with an EVO system. Same for Mini Paceman or Cooper.
  • Android Auto and Samsung Galaxy S20

    With Android Auto, drivers don't have to take their hands off the steering wheel to touch their Samsung Galaxy S20. He can take control of the car's display by reconstructing the screen and placing all the information he needs in front of him.
  • Carplay in a Maserati Granturismo

    The Maserati Grantursimo is a car like no other! It deserves your full attention. That's why we advise you to install CarPlay, a technology developed by Apple that doesn't disappoint anyone. Interested? This article will open your eyes more.
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  • CarPlay in a BMW M8

    To improve your comfort on board your BMW M8, nothing is better than installing Apple's in-car system. CarPlay is a technology that is increasingly appreciated by drivers, and that's no coincidence. All you need is an iPhone, a CarPlay module and you're done.
  • Installing CarPlay in a Jaguar F-Pace

    As you probably know, Apple CarPlay is the most popular in-car system for drivers. That's why so many people choose this technology to enhance their driving experience in the Jaguar F-Pace. But how do you install CarPlay in this vehicle? Here's how.
  • CarPlay in my Lamborghini

    Apple CarPlay is compatible with a large number of vehicles, including the Lamborghini. In fact, since iOS 9, the wireless CarPlay function is available on the Sant'Agat brand vehicle, offering more comfort to drivers of this outstanding car. So, what are the functionalities offered by CarPlay in a Lamborghini?
  • How to change between wireless and wired Carplay

    So how do you change between wireless and wired connection? We take a look in our in depth guide!