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  • Why install a rear view camera in my AUDI A1?

    Whether you are a young or experienced driver, you always have difficulties to park or to have a general view during your trips. You should know that this article is directly intended for you. We'll look at several reasons to invest in a rearview camera and how to install it to take advantage of it.
  • An In-Depth Guide to Successfully Navigating the Process of Purchasing a Vehicle in Australia: Tips, Strategies, and Essential Information for Car Buyers

    Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment, and buying a car in Australia can be an overwhelming process for first-time buyers and seasoned motorists alike. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate the car-buying journey, providing essential information, strategies, and tips to ensure a smooth and successful purchase. 
  • How do I install CarPlay in my Volvo V40?

    GOOD NEWS! We have the solution for current and future Volvo V40 owners who want to have CarPlay in their car. You're going to be educated on the subject in this article. Make sure you read all the way to the end.
  • How to use Carplay in my Mercedes Sprinter

    In our time, smartphones have taken a central place in our daily lives, so much so that it is said that the phone is an extension of the hand. However, its use at the wheel is not allowed and many accidents due to the phone are observed. This is why Apple decided to launch an application: Carplay. In this article, we will see what Carplay is and how to use it in your Mercedes Sprinter.
  • Paramount+ on Carplay

    You have a car with Apple Carplay and you're happy with it. But, after thinking about it, you wish the application would let you do a little more. You may have a vehicle with a nice screen and you'd like to enjoy it a little more by watching Paramount+. Well, you should know that this is possible. This is possible by using a CANBUS adapter. In this article we will introduce you to the CANBUS adapter and see how to enjoy it with Paramount+.
  • How to install Carplay on BMW XM ?

    Using phones while driving is illegal and you risk getting a ticket and losing points. But there are emergency situations in which we need to use the phone. In these moments, it is necessary to use Carplay and we will discover how to use it on the brand new SUV, the BMW XM?
  • How do I install Carplay in my Dacia Duster?

    Nowadays, we attach great importance to our phones. Apple has decided to develop an application: Carplay. This application allows users to use their phone while keeping an optimal security.

    This article will present the application, its features and its use for a Dacia Duster.
  • 5 cars with cheap original Carplay!

    Apple Carplay allows to connect an iPhone, minimum iPhone 5, directly on the touch screen of a car. This will allow drivers to use the many applications on their phone such as Apple Music, Waze or communicate by sending SMS or making calls, all while keeping an eye on the road and ensuring safety.
  • Install Carplay in a Cupra Formentor

    It's always a pleasure to have a beautiful car in your garage or even in your parking lot. It helps keep us stylish while allowing us to meet different needs. If you're the proud owner of a Cupra Formentor, you'll consider yourself lucky because it's your real treasure. Carplay is a device that makes it easy to use your Cupra Formentor. What should I do if it's suddenly installed? This article will help you do just that.
  • Carplay in Ireland

    Buying a car is no longer just about the engine and the number of seats. Infotainment is now every car buyer's top concern. Apple CarPlay provides easy access to all of your phone's features on the dashboard. Spotlight on Carplay features available in Ireland.
  • How do I use Apple Carplay in my ID3?

    Happy owner of the German electric city car named Volkswagen ID3 and also owner of an Apple Iphone, you absolutely want to know how to use Carplay in your car, let's see here how to do it!
  • Apple Carplay in Sweden

    Buying a car is no longer just about the engine and the number of seats. Infotainment is now every car buyer's top concern. Apple CarPlay provides easy access to all of your phone's features on the dashboard. Spotlight on Carplay is available in Sweden.