• What is CarBridge?

    Today, the trend is for you to have a smart car that gives you access to several features. So, if Carplay delights more than one car driver, CarBridge seduces them even more. Its features are highly appreciated by its users for several reasons. Before we get to those reasons, let's find out what CarBridge is. Stay focused!
  • Carplay in the United Arab Emirates

    Cars are no longer bought just for their engine and the number of seats they offer. Now, entertainment information is high on every car buyer's agenda. Apple CarPlay allows users to have all of their phone's features at their fingertips, right in the dashboard. Spotlight on Carplay features available in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Carplay in Japan

    Since its launch in 2014, the Carplay technology system has allowed drivers to perform certain tasks on their iPhones from the dashboard of their cars. A system that has seen great progress over the past few years, Carplay is not accessible across the globe. Which countries can use this technology? What is the situation in Japan regarding this access? Is its use widespread in Japan?
  • Chargemap on Apple CarPlay

    Apple CarPlay, the on-board system for vehicles is at last opening up to a broader choice of applications, and Chargemap is one of them. Following many user requests, the Chargemap app is now compatible with CarPlay. 
  • Carplay wired VS wireless

    A lot is happening in the automotive industry these days. Technology promotes the progress of this sector through its ingenious works. With systems designed to make traffic easier for users, many companies are contributing to the enjoyment of human life. One example is the Carplay wired and Carplay wireless applications. In this article, you will discover the particularities or differences of these two great systems.
  • Carplay in Australia

    The world of cars has become a completely in-car multimedia world. The Android Auto and Apple Carplay systems integrated in vehicles are really no longer a secret to anyone. On the contrary, it is something that enthusiasts of the works of technology are eager to discover. With the benefits of Carplay, many countries around the world are finding pleasure in this area. Discover Carplay in Australia.
  • What's new in iOS 15 on CarPlay

    This fall, Apple will also update CarPlay with iOS 15. Many features will be coming, including wallpapers, Siri notifications, and more. Let's find out about the new iOS 15 on CarPlay together.
  • How to install Android Auto in an Alfa Stelvio?

    In recent years, Android Auto has become one of the most popular in-car systems used by drivers. In fact, some brands are even integrating it into their vehicles. In an Alfa Stelvio, there's nothing better than having this technology. So how do you install Android Auto in an Alfa Stelvio? We give you the lowdown.
  • How to install CarPlay in an Audi R8?

    In an Audi R8, there's nothing better than having Apple CarPlay on board. The Apple brand's system allows the driver to enjoy a number of features carefully designed to keep them driving safely. So, how do you install CarPlay in an Audi R8? What are the steps to install it in the car?
  • How to install CarPlay in a BMW?

    In a BMW, there's nothing better than having Apple CarPlay, especially if the driver has an iPhone and is used to using it. So how do you install CarPlay in a BMW? How to benefit from all the features offered by this system? We will take a look!
  • CarPlay in my Nissan Qashqai

    Without hesitation, Apple CarPlay is the best in-car system you can have in a vehicle, especially in a Nissan Qashqai. Why? Let's find out the main reasons together.
  • Android Auto for BMW

    To enhance your comfort and drive safely in your BMW, there's nothing better than having Android Auto on board. The in-car system allows you to enjoy a multitude of features. How can you benefit from this technology on board?