• Apple car release date?

    The big groups never stop pushing their limits. After Nissan, Tesla or General Motors, it's Apple's turn, which is not a car manufacturer like the previous ones, to enter the race towards the manufacture of the best electric car. Among the technological innovations to come, "Project Titan" stands out. What does Apple Car mean and when is it expected to be released? Why does the project provoke so many reactions? Here is an opportunity to find out!
  • Carplay in the BMW 7 Series

    Having Carplay in your BMW 7 Series is the solution to better enjoy your vehicle. Carplay ensures that you can really concentrate on driving while still using your phone. What is it really? How to enjoy Carplay in your BMW 7 Series? This article tells you everything you need to know.
  • BMW 3 and 4 series induction charger installation tutorial

    We will see here in pictures how to install an induction charger on a BMW 3 and 4 series. The wireless charger allows a comfort of use when you want to recharge your Iphone/smartphone, just put your device on the board dedicated to charging.
  • Carplay installation tutorial for Land Rover Discovery Sport

    Here we will see in pictures how to install Apple Carplay on a 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport with an 8-inch screenRequired hardware: a T20 torx screwdriver. Installation time: 50-60 minutes. Inventory: Carplay module and wiring. So we count the module, a wifi antenna, 2 LVDS (video) cables, the power cable, the sound cable, and a USB cable (no need to plug it in if you use the device wirelessly). As a reminder, you don't need to dismantle the screen, only the set.
  • How to install a camera in an Audi A5 convertible?

    You have just purchased your camera to ensure the security of your Audi A5 convertible. You would like to install this model but you do not know how to proceed. Or you don't even know what type of camera to choose. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to install a camera in an Audi A5 convertible?
  • Installing Carplay in an Audi A8

    The rise of technology has made it possible for people to live more comfortably. If you have an Audi A8, for example, you should get the right equipment to enjoy this wonder for as long as possible. Carplay is a technological feat that makes driving safer. What is it really about? How to enjoy Apple Carplay in an Audi A8? The next few lines of this article will shed more light on the subject.

  • Carplay retrofit for Porsche

    Carplay is an application that allows you to concentrate on the road. It's a fashion tool that is basically installed in the latest generation of vehicles. However, if you have a Porsche, for example, it is indeed possible to enjoy Apple Carplay thanks to the retrofit. How does it work? What do you have to do? Don't worry about it. Find out in this article everything you need to know to get through it.
  • Apple Carplay in a Citroën C5

    Technology evolves over time. And some actions that were once impossible are now possible. Carplay is a solution to be both driving and using the cell phone. What is it really about? And how do you get it into a Citroën C5? The answer can be found in the following lines of this article.
  • Installing Carplay in a BMW F10

    It is very important to be clear-headed when driving our vehicle. It prevents us from many unfortunate situations. Carplay is an application that allows you to concentrate on your driving without getting distracted. Installing it in your BMW F10 5 series will be very useful. So how do you go about it? Find out in this article everything you need to do so.
  • Installing Carplay in a Maserati Ghibli

    It's always a joy to have a great car brand in your home. It helps to keep up with the fashion while allowing us to meet our different needs. If you have the Maserati Ghibli, consider yourself lucky since it is a real gem that is in your possession. Carplay is the device that makes using your Maserati Ghibli easier. So how do you install it? This article will give you a hint on how to do it.
  • What is the best smartphone compatible with Android Auto?

    Android Auto is just a boon to road safety. This Android application allows you to access your smartphone in your car without having to handle it. But first, the smartphone must be compatible with Android Auto available in your car. So far, what is the best Android Auto compatible smartphone? Stay focused to find out more.
  • CarPlay test on Alpine car radio

    Alpine is one of the world's leading brands of car radios. It offers a wide range of products including car radios. All these high-end car radios allow access to Carplay in your vehicle. Discover the test of Carplay on Alpine car radio in these lines.