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Activate Carplay with VCDS

Activate Carplay with VCDS

Carplay VCDS

Driving is now safer thanks to the advances in technology. Indeed, all means are available to the user to make his task less complicated behind the wheel. Apple Carplay and the VCDS software are perfect examples. To learn more about these technological gems, you'll want to read this article all the way through. Anytime you want!


It is the acronym of VAG-COM Diagnostic System which is a software used in the diagnosis of different brands of vehicles such as Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and many others. The idea is to offer you the possibility to personalize your vehicle as you wish. By doing so, you will have full control over the device and by the same token, you will get the full potential out of it. Among the features offered by VCDS we can distinguish among others:

  • Reading the default codes of the vehicle interface;
  • Modification and programming of ECU parameters;
  • Access to the different tests of the main and auxiliary organs of the car;
  • Increase or decrease the amount of fuel in the vehicle;
  • The possibility of resetting the on-board controls of the device.

Simply put, VCDS is a sophisticated tool that, in the hands of a professional, can give a vehicle a second youth. For this reason, its use requires a basic technical knowledge.


Apple Carplay, on the other hand, is not software, but it has all the attributes to be considered as such. This device has the merit of offering you a better alternative to use your cell phone while driving. Many surveys report that most drivers use their iPhone while on the road. With Carplay, there is no need to change this habit. The tool exactly reproduces the smartphone screen on your vehicle's onboard display. So you can access your phone's main features without distraction. A real way to drive safely!


The concept is simple, you will be focused on the road without separating you from your phone. Carplay allows you to:

  • Take and make various phone calls;
  • Play music and many other multimedia contents;
  • Send or receive messages from your loved ones;
  • Follow road maps with Navigation;
  • Enjoy your favorite applications (Spotify, Waze, WhatsApp Business, etc.);
  • Use Siri voice command;
  • Control windshield wipers, lights and more without touching anything.


As you can see, the VCDS software changes the basic settings of your vehicle. This being the case, you will have no trouble activating the Carplay function on your car radio. However, your vehicle model must be compatible with both Carplay and VCDS, and you must master the handling of the software. Do not hesitate to consult the workshop manuals that can help you in this endeavor.

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