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Android Auto compatible vehicles

Android Auto compatible vehicles

liste android auto

Today, Android Auto has become one of the most appreciated and used in-car systems by drivers. Google's teams have doubled their efforts to provide us with a technology that leaves no one indifferent. But which vehicles are compatible with Android Auto? We will take a look!


According to Google, there are more than 500 models compatible with Android Auto technology, with more to come in the coming months.

Some cars have the Mountain View technology directly in their dashboard, while for others, the driver simply has to install the application. This is available on the Play Store.

Of course, the list of compatible vehicles is posted on Google's dedicated website, but the truth is that it's still difficult for some people to know if their vehicle supports Android Auto. That's why we decided to make this article.


Among the vehicles that are Android Auto compatible, we mention:

  • Audi: much of the 2017 range incorporates this technology, not to mention the 2016 Audi Q7 SUV, as well as Audi A8 2018, Audi Q3 2019 and Audi A1 2019.
  • Citroën: for the French brand, we can mention Berlingo 2018, C-Elysée 2017, C3 2017, C4 2017, SpaceTourer 2017, Jumpy 2017, C5 Aircross 2019, etc.
  • Ford: Android Auto is available on all cars in the brand's 2017 lineup.
  • Honda: for the Japanese brand, two vehicles support Google's technology: 2016 Civic and Accord.
  • Mercedes-Benz: the Mountain View firm's system is compatible with several vehicles: 2017 A-Class, 2017 B-Class, 2017 GLA, 2017 GLE and GLE Coupe, 2017 E-Class Coupe, etc.
  • Opel: several models are compatible: 2016 ADAM, KARL, Corsa, Astar and Insignia 2016, etc.

In addition to the list we just mentioned, other manufacturers offer Android Auto technology to their customers, including Seat, Fiat, DS, Ferrari, Holden, Genesis, Jeep, Kia, Karma, Jaguar, Iveco, Infinity, etc. The list goes on.