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Android Auto for BMW

Android Auto for BMW

android auto bmw

To enhance your comfort and drive safely in your BMW, there's nothing better than having Android Auto on board. The in-car system allows you to enjoy a multitude of features. How can you benefit from this technology on board?


Simply put, Android Auto technology allows the driver and passengers to access their favorite apps in the BMW. The system makes it easy to use navigation, media, and communication apps while on the road, making for a safe ride.

Having Android Auto in your BMW allows many apps and functions to be displayed on the vehicle's screen, similar to a cell phone. The most used apps on board, are Spotify, Google Maps, etc.

The technology is compatible with Google Assistant. This means that the driver can launch his or her favorite music and navigate a GPS application with a simple voice command. He can even use the voice assistant to dictate messages while remaining focused on the road.


If you have the latest model from BMW, you should know that CarPlay is available as standard. Apple's technology is built into all models released after mid-2020. Otherwise, it is essential to install a CarPlay module.

Please note! Choosing a CarPlay module is not an easy task. It is essential to find a device that is affordable in terms of price, but which is also compatible with the model of your BMW. Before you place your order, you can ask us for help via the CONTACT form.

In our online store, we have a wide range of CarPlay modules that are compatible with BMW models. Whatever your car model, we have the most suitable device.

Note that our devices are easy to install. They are "Plug & Play" and are installed in a few minutes. There are no cables to cut or add and the device fits perfectly into your BMW.