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Android Auto in the Peugeot 308

Android Auto in the Peugeot 308

android auto peugeot 308

Android Auto is a complete application that allows you to surf at will while driving your car. You bought your new Peugeot 308 and want to take advantage of Android Auto? It's possible. Discover in the following lines how you can install this application in your Peugeot 308 car.


You still haven't heard of Android Auto? It's an application published by Google that allows you to access some of your smartphone's features in your car. If you have a Peugeot 308, it is possible to have it. Indeed, the designers of Android operating systems have realized that many motorists manipulate their smartphone while driving. And the risk behind this fact is the number of fatal accidents caused on the roads. So they integrated a part of the operating system on the vehicles. This allows you to enjoy a good autonomy while driving even while using your smartphone. Once you install the application in your Peugeot 308, you get several benefits. These include:

  • The answering of calls while driving without having to operate your device
  • Send and receive messages by voice command
  • Listen to music from your Android music applications
  • Listening to the radio through car radio
  • Use a GPS other than the one in your Peugeot 308


It is indeed possible to install the Android Auto application in your Peugeot 308. Whether your car has a compatible screen or not, you can enjoy the wonders of this application. This way, you can experience very pleasant driving moments.

Your Peugeot 308 has a compatible screen

When your Peugeot has an Android Auto compatible screen, it's a little easier. All you have to do is check your phone's compatibility with the Android Auto application. Generally the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel are compatible with the application. Smartphones with at least version 5.1 Lollipop are also compatible with Android Auto. As soon as the operating system is compatible with Android Auto, download the application from the Playstore. Then turn on the application to check if all applications are updated. If not, do so.

If everything is in order, you can now start the installation on your Peugeot 308. To do this, connect the Bluetooth of your smartphone to the one in your vehicle. Once the wireless connection is established, launch the application from your phone. The Android Auto interface will appear automatically. If your Bluetooth connection is having trouble, you can go ahead with a USB cable.

Your Peugeot 308 does not have an Android Auto compatible screen

If you don't have an Android Auto compatible screen, it is possible to install an Alpines car radio. This allows you to have a dashboard that can connect to Android Auto. It is quite simple to install and does not require a specific modification of your car's format. Alternatively, you can use your Android Auto application directly from your phone via voice command.

Our modules for Peugeot 308 are all Android Auto compatible.