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Apple car release date?

Apple car release date?

apple car

The big groups never stop pushing their limits. After Nissan, Tesla or General Motors, it's Apple's turn, which is not a car manufacturer like the previous ones, to enter the race towards the manufacture of the best electric car. Among the technological innovations to come, "Project Titan" stands out. What does Apple Car mean and when is it expected to be released? Why does the project provoke so many reactions? Here is an opportunity to find out!


Apple Car is an unusual project that is currently under development. Led by a non-automotive company, the project is considered a real technological challenge. What does Apple Car mean in concrete terms? Read this!

Apple Car is indeed an initiative to build an electric car like no other. This car will not only be electric but will also have a level 5 autonomy.

Today under the supervision of one of Tesla's former bosses, Project Titan should concretely lead to the release of a special car within a few years. One whose highly computerized driving and autonomy will no longer require the addition of a steering wheel. Because the latter would be of no importance and therefore of no use.

Project Titan has been the subject of intense criticism for several years now, since it is taking so long to reach its conclusion. A delay which, it should be noted, occurred because of the Covid 19 pandemic and some technological constraints according to Apple.


Apple car has become a project with huge stakes. If for some, it would be the bluff of the century carefully given by Apple, many other people believe it.

Indeed, it's been more than 5 years that Apple keeps promising to revolutionize the car market with the release of its car. A promise whose realization is slow to come and causes controversy by the same fact. Announced to come out this year (2021), it will only be in 2025 or even later, that the eyes of some and others will not be able to see the jewel of the apple if the date of the release is not postponed to a later year.


Apple Car is a project that would be purely within the framework of a technological competition between some car manufacturers and Apple.

It is also about Apple's will to revolutionize the market even though it is not part of the car industry. As you can see, by deciding to manufacture and market an electric car with level 5 autonomy, which is a bold project, Apple has already made the claim to be the world reference in electric cars.

Apple is keeping more than one person in suspense because the exact date of release is constantly being postponed. This leads many people not to take Apple very seriously. Nevertheless, we will have to wait until 2025 or more to see Apple's electric car. For now, only prototypes are available.