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Apple Carplay and autonomous driving: what is the future of the technology?

Apple Carplay and autonomous driving: what is the future of the technology?

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Technology has transformed the way we drive. Cars equipped with sensors and cameras are gradually replacing human drivers. Apple has also played an important role in this transformation by offering its in-car entertainment solution, CarPlay, which allows users to use their iPhone to access their apps directly from their dashboard. So what does the future hold for Apple CarPlay and autonomous driving?


Autonomous driving has been a developing technology for several years now. Automakers, technology companies and governments around the world are investing billions of dollars in this technology. The goal of autonomous driving is to create cars that can travel autonomously without the assistance of a human driver.

Apple is one of the most prominent technology companies in the automotive industry when it comes to autonomous driving. In 2014, the company announced its Project Titan, which aimed to develop an autonomous car. However, after several years of work on the project, Apple announced in 2016 that it would focus on autonomous driving technology rather than manufacturing a car.

Since then, Apple has made significant progress on autonomous driving. The company has obtained autonomous driving permits for its test cars in California and Arizona, and it has begun testing its vehicles on public roads.

Apple's CarPlay technology has also evolved. In 2018, Apple announced a major update to CarPlay, which added new features such as split-screen display support, third-party navigation support, Siri integration and more.


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One of the main questions people have is whether CarPlay and autonomous driving will merge at some point. The answer is yes. In fact, Apple has already started working on this merger by introducing new features in CarPlay that allow you to control car functions, such as brakes and acceleration, from the iPhone. This feature will be especially useful when autonomous driving becomes widely available.

The most beneficial benefit to take away from the merger of CarPlay and autonomous driving is safety. Autonomous cars are known for their high level of safety, as they are equipped with sensors and cameras to detect potential dangers on the road. Apple's CarPlay technology could also improve safety by allowing drivers to focus more on the road rather than their phones.

A merger with Google Maps or even the TOP 1:WAZE app would be much appreciated. If you want to read more about Waze, you can read our article.


However, there are also safety concerns related to the merger of CarPlay and autonomous driving. Some experts are concerned that drivers may be too distracted by their phones and not be prepared to regain control of the car in an emergency. So it's critical that carmakers and technology companies work together to ensure that CarPlay features are integrated safely and effectively into autonomous cars.


Both autonomous driving technology and Apple CarPlay have a bright future. The merging of these two technologies can bring significant safety and convenience benefits, but it is important that car manufacturers and technology companies work together to ensure that these technologies are integrated safely and effectively.

It is also important to note that autonomous driving technology is still in development and will take several more years to become widely available. Technology companies and car manufacturers must continue to invest in research and development to advance this technology and make it more accessible to the general public.

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