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Apple Carplay in a Land Rover Discovery 4

Apple Carplay in a Land Rover Discovery 4

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We are in an era where autonomous driving is increasingly encouraged. If you own a Land Rover Discovery 4, you can use Apple Carplay, a must-have feature for safe driving. Find out what that really means in this section right away.


Carplay is a modern tool developed by Apple to meet the different needs of drivers. Indeed, it is obvious that more and more people find it difficult to concentrate on their vehicle. This exposes them to accidents and many other unfortunate situations. The factor behind this dispersion is the cell phone. Uh, yes! These days, it's hard to part with a smartphone. No matter what we do, we will not fail to use this technological gem. Therefore, Apple Carplay is the solution to use your phone while driving in the standard range. The objective of Carplay is to help drivers on their various journeys by giving them access to the capabilities of their smartphone.


The Land Rover Discovery 4 is known for its power and ability to travel long distances. With this car, it's almost impossible to run out of speed on the road. So Carplay will distract you to help you better utilize the full potential of this car. But what's even more interesting about Apple Carplay is that in addition to the basic vehicle functions, it allows you to:

  • Duplicate your phone's screen on the car's screen;
  • Use any phone app you want;
  • Make calls in complete safety;
  • Exchange text messages with people;
  • Play music, podcasts and other multimedia content;
  • Connect a USB stick to play all your multimedia content;
  • Use voice commands to perform your actions.

How to install Apple Carplay in your Land Rover Discovery 4?

All you need to start using Apple Carplay in your vehicle is a smartphone and a method with at least iOS 7.1. Please start your vehicle and proceed as follows:

Option 1: USB connection

Apple Carplay devices have USB ports. Use this to connect the phone to the vehicle's power supply via the original cable.

Option 2: Connection via Bluetooth

Before you begin, you must enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. Once set up, pair your iPhone and Apple Carplay. The process is the same as pairing two Bluetooth devices. Simply go to the Land Rover in-car screen and select your device from those available. Continue! Apple Carplay is ready to use in your Land Rover Discovery 4.


If you have the original Apple Carplay, plugging it in is fun and easy. For all Land Rover Discovery 4 owners, and you don't have the original Apple Carplay, you can of course install it later by following our installation tutorial: here.

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