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Apple CarPlay in a Mini Cooper

Apple CarPlay in a Mini Cooper

carplay mini cooper

In recent years, iPhone sales have been growing steadily. That's why a lot of drivers opt for car radios that are compatible with the in-car system developed by the Apple brand. If you have a Mini Cooper, there's nothing better than having Apple CarPlay on board.

What are the features offered by this system? How to have CarPlay in a Mini Cooper? We take a look!


Having CarPlay in your Mini Cooper means you're guaranteed to enjoy a dozen features on board. You can listen to music stored on your iPhone, navigate on a GPS that is not integrated with the original car radio, use all the apps installed on your smartphone on the dashboard, etc.

CarPlay also makes it possible to drive safely. Why? Because it is possible to use the voice assistant Siri to give voice commands to your car radio, without having to touch its touch screen or the iPhone. This system developed by Apple also allows you to use some applications such as Spotify, Maps, Waze, Google Maps, Messages, Calls, etc.

If you don't have Apple CarPlay in your Mini Cooper, there are several options to take advantage of this system on board. We'll explain it all to you!


As we made clear above, there are several options for having CarPlay in your Mini Cooper.

Installing a CarPlay compatible car radio

If you're on a budget, there's nothing better than installing a CarPlay-enabled car radio in your Mini Cooper. Sure, the price is more expensive than an add-on module, but the new car radio adds a touch of charm to the car, and most importantly will allow you to take advantage of many of the options found on Apple CarPlay.

Add a CarPlay module

If the car radio in your Mini Cooper is not compatible with CarPlay, you can simply opt for a special Mini Cooper CarPlay module. This is an accessory that connects to the car radio and allows you to benefit from all the features found on CarPlay. It is possible to connect it wirelessly or via an original USB cable.

Using an USB dongle

For those on a tight budget, you can simply use a USB dongle to have all the features CarPlay offers in the Mini Cooper.

The USB dongle is a small device that connects the iPhone to the car stereo's touchscreen. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and is a breeze to use.

Whichever way you get the Apple in-car system in your Mini Cooper, you'll have plenty of options on board. You're sure to love this technology!

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