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Apple Carplay in BMW 1 Series

Apple Carplay in BMW 1 Series

série 1 intérieur

Having a BMW is always a pleasure. This automobile is going to help you do your various errands in an efficient manner. Carplay is a device that is accessible to this vehicle and allows you to get the full potential out of it. What does Apple Carplay suggest? How can you install it in a BMW 1 Series? Don't worry about it anymore. Find out in this article the cream of the crop of information about Apple Carplay in a BMW 1 Series.


The idea is to make you enjoy your smartphone applications as much as possible while driving the BMW 1 Series. Carplay is a tool that prevents you from being distracted by the phone. Whether it's incoming calls here, messages there, and more, you'll have no reason to be distracted on the road. Apple Carplay will replicate your smartphone screen exactly on the dashboard of the BMW 1 Series. This allows you to perform the most important phone actions from behind the wheel of your car. It is the case to recognize it: Carplay is the best solution to be on the phone while driving.


Apple Carplay once installed in your vehicle, is going to make it easier for you to use. In addition to providing you with exemplary infotainment, Carplay assists you in driving the BMW. With this device, you are able to:

  • Communicate with your loved ones according to your wishes;
  • Play multimedia content for more relaxation;
  • Follow your favorite radio tracks;
  • Have the navigation plans to follow the road traffic;
  • Have access to the camera to capture your unforgettable moments;
  • Take advantage of the voice command.


First of all, you need to know the version of your Series 1 system in order not to make a mistake when choosing the module you want to add:

ccc série 1

BMW 1 Series: 2006-2009: CCC system

série 1 cic

BMW 1 Series: 2009-2011: CIC system

nbt série 1

BMW 1 Series: 2012-2016: NBT system

bmw série 1 evo

BMW 1 Series: 2017-2020: EVO system

bmw série 1 id7

BMW 1 Series: 2020-2022: ID7 system

This tool is only functional on phone models with a version higher or equal to iOS 7.1. Therefore, you need to have a 5th generation iPhone or any other later model in your possession. After that, you should have the Carplay decoder in your BMW 1 Series. You don't need to bring out the heavy artillery to do this.

The device comes with its connectors. All you have to do is plug them into the power supply of your BMW 1 Series and you're done. The most important thing has been done. Now you just need to connect the iPhone to Carplay so you can start using it in the car.

There are two ways to do this. These are the connection via a USB sector and the connection via Bluetooth.

How to connect the phone to Carplay via USB?

You should preferably use an original cable to connect your iPhone to the BMW 1 Series Carplay decoder. The first end of the cable should be placed at the charging end of the iPhone. As for the second (resembling a USB connector), you will insert it on the mains of the Apple Carplay previously installed on your BMW 1 Series.

How to connect the phone to Carplay via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth mode must be enabled on the phone. Then go to your Carplay device and search for your phone. Click on it and confirm the pairing. An icon will appear on the screen to indicate successful pairing.

That's the gist of everything there is to know about Carplay and how it works in a BMW 1 Series.

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