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Apple CarPlay in my Ford Mustang

Apple CarPlay in my Ford Mustang

Apple CarPlay is among the most popular technologies among drivers around the world, and not for nothing. Developed by the American brand, this system allows drivers to use a multitude of applications in their vehicle, without having to touch the dashboard screen or smartphone.


Having CarPlay in your Ford Mustang means the ability to use all the main features of your iPhone on the car stereo screen. It is possible to listen to music stored on the smartphone, use the GPS to find the right route, make and/or receive calls from the dashboard via the Siri voice assistant or the steering wheel controls, etc. The possibilities are increasing.

The voice assistant is among the best features offered by Apple CarPlay technology. Why? Because it allows the driver to stay focused on the road, hands on the wheel and eyes in front, without being distracted by the car radio screen or his smartphone. He can control the main features of his iPhone by voice.

But how do you get CarPlay in a Ford Mustang? Two solutions:

  • A CarPlay module;
  • A car radio compatible with Apple's technology;


If your budget is tight and does not allow you to order a car radio compatible with the technology developed by the American brand, you can simply install a CarPlay module in your Ford. This is a device that connects to the car radio via a USB cable or wirelessly. This way, you can enjoy all the features offered by Apple. 

As a reminder, most CarPlay modules also allow you to use Android Auto and MirrorLink. To install it, feel free to visit our Blog or our YouTube channel. A lot of tutorials are available there.

You can get our Carplay module for your Ford Mustang HERE


screen ford mustang

If the car radio installed in your Ford Mustang is not compatible with Apple CarPlay, there is nothing better than changing it.

Try to get an Android 9.0 Ford Mustang car radio, which looks like the models found in the vehicles of the manufacturer Tesla. Don't panic as the price is very affordable.

The car radio should have a high-resolution touch screen and it should be compatible with the original steering wheel controls. As a bonus you should be able to connect the rearview camera to it on the RCA video input.

This way the car radio allows you to download your favorite apps from Play Store/App store and have them on the dashboard, such as Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, Sygic, etc.

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