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Apple Carplay in my Honda Goldwing

Apple Carplay in my Honda Goldwing

Carplay Goldwing

The Honda Goldwing is one of the most popular two-wheeled beasts on the market. It is primarily designed for long-distance riding. In addition to making turns with ease, this bike is loaded with the latest features including Apple Carplay. However, there are some requirements to meet in order to enjoy Carplay on the Honda Goldwing. This article will help you understand them.


The Carplay tool is very well known to adventurers on the road. This fashionable device allows them to stay focused at the wheel while having access to their cell phone. 9 out of 10 drivers always stay hooked to their smartphone even though they are driving. This is understandable, as cell phones have become a major part of our daily lives. However, it is strongly discouraged to manipulate it when you are on the road, especially since it is often the cause of road accidents. Carplay makes things simpler in that it transforms your vehicle's screen into the image of your smartphone. No need to worry about answering emergency messages from your loved ones without breaking the rules of the road!


Apart from the fact that you'll get the best possible support throughout your journey, Apple Carplay will help you to:

  • Answer your various incoming calls;
  • Stay active on social networks;
  • Interact with your customers;
  • Find navigation maps so you don't lose your bearings in traffic;
  • Enjoy the interface of your iPhone with your utility applications;
  • Listen to music;
  • Have the company of the Siri voice command;
  • And many more...


The Honda Goldwing is compatible with Carplay technology. To take advantage of it, you should connect your iPhone (minimum IOS 7.1 version required) to the bike's built-in jack. Head to the ideal step to have Carplay on the Honda Goldwing.

Connect the iPhone to the vehicle interface

To do this, you should have the original iPhone cable. Use it to connect the device to the vehicle's interface, via the USB sector of the tank or the one located on the luggage rack. Once this is done, a connection icon will appear on the motorcycle's on-board screen.

Connect a Bluetooth headset

It's a must-have when using Apple Carplay on the Honda Goldwing. The Bluetooth headset allows you to use Siri and make calls while the scenery scrolls by. Any model (preferably good quality) will do.

Controlling the Apple Carplay interface

To carry out your various commands, you can either use a small joystick on the handlebars of the bike, or access the central control wheel located just below the screen. You'll see that Carplay is easy to use on this mechanical masterpiece.