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Apple Carplay in my Mitsubishi

Apple Carplay in my Mitsubishi

Carplay Mitsubishi

Connecting your phone to your Mitsubishi's infotainment system is now easier with Carplay. It supports you on your road trips, but doesn't require you to change your habits. This article sheds more light on the subject.


The concept is to offer the motorist a safer way to drive his vehicle without having too much to grind. Indeed, the cell phone now occupies a place of choice in our daily lives. It remains our best companion of all time. However, its use at the wheel can easily put us in trouble, because having a phone in hand while driving is synonymous with distraction and hello damage! This is where Apple Carplay comes in. This technology thought by the American giant helps you to have access to the main features of the smartphone from the display screen of your Mitsubishi. As a result, you will be able to stay on course to your destination while using your cell phone in complete safety. However, it should be noted that Carplay only works on iPhone with IOS 7.1 and later.


Apple Carplay will duplicate the screen of your smartphone on the dashboard of the Mitsubishi. This way, you'll have the ability to control both devices (i.e. the vehicle and the phone) at the same time. Having Carplay in your Mitsubishi makes some tasks less complicated to accomplish. These include:

  • The reception of telephone calls;
  • Chat with your friends and family via messaging;
  • Playing your multimedia content;
  • Use of strategic applications such as WhatsApp Business, Waze, Navigation and many others;
  • Access to the Siri voice command;
  • The execution of basic vehicle controls (wipers, lights, etc.) with ease;
  • And much more...


Having Carplay in a Mitsubishi is nothing but a breeze. All you have to do is establish the connection between the smartphone and the Carplay device and that's it. There are two options for doing this. You can either use the wireless connection (via Bluetooth), or you can use the JACK socket.

Connect the smartphone to its Mitsubishi via Bluetooth

The connection process in this case is the same as pairing two Bluetooth devices. First, you should make sure that the Bluetooth mode is activated on both devices. After that, you need to go to the Mitsubishi's on-board screen to search for the available devices, yours (your phone) and then establish the connection. Depending on the model of the Mitsubishi, a security code may be required before any action is taken. Enter it and you're off the hook.

Connect your phone to the Mitsubishi via USB

Here, it is recommended that you use the original iPhone cable to connect the phone to the Mitsubishi's USB power supply. This should not be a problem, especially since the console is well positioned.

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