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Apple CarPlay on Huawei

Apple CarPlay on Huawei

Can we have CarPlay on a Huawei mobile device? The answer is no! Suspected of espionage by the U.S. government, the Chinese brand has lost Google's temporary license and no longer works with the Mountain View firm. In other words, Huawei smartphones do not benefit from Google Mobiles Services. But what about CarPlay?

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On Huawei smartphones, users cannot install CarPlay, at least for the moment. Why not? Because the Chinese brand no longer works with American companies, including Apple. But according to the information circulating on the web, the situation will improve in the coming weeks.

As a reminder, CarPlay equips a lot of models of the major car manufacturers. In addition, the Apple's on-board system is more and more appreciated by drivers, and not for nothing. The functionalities offered by the technology developed by the Californian firm leave no one indifferent!

In 2020, the Chinese brand launched its own on-board system so that it would no longer be dependent on American companies. But according to professionals, it is difficult to find a place in a market dominated by CarPlay and Android Auto.


It seems that Huawei is trying to compete with Apple CarPlay. But so far, no platform has been able to win against the American giant. However, the Chinese brand has set up its own embedded system: HiCar. The firm wants to be more and more independent from American companies.

However, Huawei would not be able to impose itself on the European market, but the brand could use its contacts in the Asian automotive industry to make HiCar the standard app in vehicles produced by Asian manufacturers.

Note that HiCar transfers a smartphone controlled interface to the vehicle infotainment system. The data is displayed on the car's screen and is read via its speakers. The app will also offer opportunities for Apple, at least for now not yet.

For now, there is no CarPlay or Android Auto type system on Huawei mobile devices, but that will undoubtedly come.

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