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Apple Carplay user reviews: what they really think

Apple Carplay user reviews: what they really think

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Apple CarPlay is an automotive infotainment system developed by Apple Inc. It allows drivers to connect their iPhone to their car and use some of their phone's features on their vehicle's screen. While the system is popular with many users, it has also attracted criticism from some. In this article, we'll look at the most common criticisms made by Apple CarPlay users.


Compatibility issues

One of the most common problems Apple CarPlay users have encountered is compatibility with their vehicle. Although most new cars are equipped with CarPlay, there can be problems with older models. Owners of older cars may need to purchase a new head unit for their car to be able to use CarPlay.

Some have reported that their phones don't always connect to CarPlay. This may be due to compatibility issues between their phone and their car, or problems with the USB cable used to connect the phone to the car.

Limited user interface

Although CarPlay is designed to be a simple, easy-to-use interface, some users have criticized its simplicity. Some users feel that CarPlay does not provide enough customization options for the user interface.

Some users have criticized CarPlay's lack of advanced features. For example, it's not possible to use Siri's voice commands to control the car's air conditioning or windows.

Stability issues

Some users have reported stability issues with CarPlay. This can include issues such as the screen freezing or freezing, intermittent disconnects with the phone, or sound problems when using music or making calls.

These issues can be frustrating for users who rely on CarPlay for their driving experience.


Although CarPlay is included in many new cars, owners of older cars may need to purchase a compatible head unit to use CarPlay. This can be costly and may discourage some users from investing in the system.

iPhone dependency

CarPlay is an iPhone-dependent system. This means that users who don't have an iPhone can't use CarPlay. This can be a disadvantage for users who prefer other phone brands.


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CarPlay's navigation function is often cited as one of its weak points. Users have reported issues such as delays in directions and problems connecting with navigation services.

In addition, some users have criticized CarPlay's lack of certain advanced navigation features.


Although CarPlay is a popular system for many users, it is not without its shortcomings. Common criticisms include compatibility issues, a limited user interface, stability problems, cost, iPhone dependency, third-party app limitations and navigation issues.

However, it's important to note that experiences can vary depending on the model of car and phone used, as well as each user's personal usage. The reviews mentioned in this article do not necessarily represent the experience of all CarPlay users.

Overall, CarPlay remains a popular option for drivers looking to use their Iphone safely and easily while driving. This system is really aimed at Iphone owners who want simplicity of use, a whole other world compared to Android Auto.

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