Apple CarPlay with Samsung?

Apple CarPlay with Samsung?

As its name suggests, Apple CarPlay is compatible with the mobile devices designed by the Apple brand. It is therefore incompatible with Samsung devices. The Korean company has implemented Android Auto to allow drivers to drive safely and have access to many features on board. It is a system that allows a smartphone to be connected directly to the in-car radio.

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To benefit from all the features offered by Apple CarPlay, the car's onboard system must be compatible with Android Auto. Thus, the driver can connect his or her smartphone using a USB cable to access the cell phone's features, including applications that are not always included in the radio, such as Waze, Google Maps, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music, and so on.

For Samsung brand devices, it is essential to use Android Auto. Apple CarPlay does not work there.

As a reminder, Apple CarPlay is a system carefully designed by the American brand to allow people with an iPhone or iPad to link their mobile device to the car radio in the vehicle.


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The features available on Android Auto are more and more numerous. The system allows you to connect the Android smartphone on which the app of the same name has been installed. Connected with a USB cable, the cell phone becomes the operating system of the car and displays a black screen. However the functionalities will be displayed on the car radio screen.

Using Android Auto, the driver can access calls and messages, Waze or Google Maps navigation, online music with Spotify, VLC or Deezer, etc. with a simplified touch control. The system can also integrate many radio applications: Latina, Skyrock, NRJ, Chérie FM...

Note that there is another system called MirrorLink, compatible with some smartphone models from HTC, Huawei, Sony and Samsung. Note that it does not contain the classic navigation applications, such as Waze and Google Maps.

As a reminder, all our Carplay modules are compatible with Apple Carplay, Android Auto and Mirror Link.

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