Apple Music and CarPlay

Apple Music and CarPlay

apple music carplay

CarPlay never ceases to make time behind the wheel enjoyable with features that have almost no limits. It's an app that offers the ability to enjoy many of the others that are on your iPhone. So, from the comfort of your car, you can access features like Apple Music. How to use Apple Music on CarPlay? Find out a little more about Apple Music and CarPlay connections.


Apple Music is a streaming music service offered by Apple that provides an exceptional music experience. It is one of the most popular music services in the world, available by subscription after a free version for 3 months of use. Apple Music is experiencing strong competition with major streaming music services like Spotify and YouTube Music. Its fluidity and sound quality remain its strengths appreciated by the general public. Many car owners therefore love listening to music in the car with Apple Music. A way to experience a more relaxed driving experience. That's why it's possible to use CarPlay to access Apple Music. In fact, Apple Carplay even offers an alternative wireless access to Apple Music sounds without any restrictions.


One thing is knowing that Apple Music and CarPlay are fully compatible. The other is to be able to use it to experience new listening moments while driving. It's true that one way to use Apple Music while driving is to convert the entire Apple Music AAC file into MP3 format. Then send it to a USB device to plug it directly into your car. However, this way may seem time consuming and does not give you access to the new features of Apple Music. Follow the steps here for direct listening of Apple Music on CarPlay.

Play Apple Music on CarPlay with a wireless connection

Many newer cars offer a wireless connection either via Bluetooth or outright Wifi. This allows you to access Apple CarPlay directly without using cables. You need to make sure that your car is compatible with CarPlay wirelessly before you start connecting. After that start by:

  • Turning on your car's ignition and setting up CarPlay wirelessly
  • Go to your iPhone and activate Siri
  • Connect the iPhone to the car wirelessly and hold the voice command while driving;
  • Go from your iPhone to Settings > General > CarPlay > Available Cars then choose your car. You will see the connection established and the Apple Music icon displayed
  • Click on the Apple Music icon

This is how you can start enjoying your favorite Apple Music tracks on Carplay.

Play Apple Music on Carplay via USB cable

You can also access Apple Music on Carplay via a USB cable. To do this, you need to:

  • Turn on your car's ignition and activate Siri
  • Connect the iPhone via a CarPlay USB cable, the Apple Music icon will appear in the CarPlay menu
  • Press the Apple Music icon to access the application.

You will be able to enjoy nearly 70 million songs offered by Apple Music on Carplay.

All our Carplay modules are compatible with Apple Music.

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