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Apple reuses CarPlay for car dashboards

Apple reuses CarPlay for car dashboards

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Apple's CarPlay technology, which mirrors the screen of your lovely Iphone, is very popular because it allows you to use your phone's interface via your car's infotainment touch screen.

In fact, manufacturers claim that 98% of new cars offer CarPlay (this data really needs to be verified because otherwise thecarplayer.com wouldn't exist with such a large percentage), and 79% of new car buyers insist on it.

But the next generation of CarPlay, which will start appearing in cars in late 2023, will support the features currently handled by the automaker's own interface. The new CarPlay will be able to provide consistent content across multiple screens in the vehicle, while in-car integration will allow users to do things like control the radio or change the temperature directly from CarPlay.

It will also provide basic functions such as displaying the speedometer and other instruments. Drivers will be able to customize their driving experience by choosing from different instrument cluster designs. Apple's iPhone widgets are those small apps that provide specific services to send information at a glance like weather and Apple Music directly to their dashboards.

"The car has changed a lot and the screens throughout the car are getting bigger," said Emily Schubert, senior director of automotive experience engineering, at the unveiling. "The next generation of CarPlay delivers content to all of the driver's screens for a unified and consistent experience. Deep integration with in-car hardware allows you to adjust the car radio or change the temperature without leaving the CarPlay experience," she said.

"To do this, your iPhone communicates with the vehicle's real-time systems in a way that respects the privacy of the device, displaying all driving information such as speed, rpm, fuel levels, temperature, etc.," Schubert said. Drivers will be able to choose their preferred style and design for these virtual instruments. "You can choose between modern or traditional instrument clusters, with different colors, dials, backgrounds and layouts to achieve a variety of looks and feels," she added.

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Automakers working with Apple on next-generation CarPlay include.

- Acura
- Audi
- Ford
- Honda
- Infiniti
- Jaguar
- Land Rover
- Lincoln
- Mercedes
- Nissan
- Polestar
- Porsche
- Renault
- Volvo

Are these companies really entrusting their driver interfaces to Apple? "Five years ago, I would have said no automaker would do this, and now I think it's done and automakers will aggressively pursue it," said Mike Ramsey, vice president and analyst for automotive and smart mobility at Gartner, Inc.

"The resistance is futile," he said. "Google won the deal to turn the screen into an Android tablet. An Apple-like screen with true integration would be very popular and could help automakers differentiate their products. There will always be resistance, but I think many automakers will join the Opportunity Chamber."

Not everyone is excited about the prospect, as these Apple-powered displays seem to be distracting to drivers. "I kind of hate everything that tech companies bring their usual development mode to safety critical areas," tweeted Mahmood Hikmet, an autonomous car expert at Ohmio Automation, after the announcement. have disastrous consequences.

We also recall here that Tesla still does not want to, at least to date, form a partnership with the Cupertino firm to avoid any data leakage with their electric vehicle.

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