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Autokit Carplay

Autokit Carplay

Autokit Carplay

Android applications are becoming more and more numerous. Over the past two decades, web developers have been constantly blowing our minds. Like almost every other area of life, the automotive sector has also seen a huge impact. Of all the digital innovations of the last 5 years, the Autokit Carplay stands out. What is it in concrete terms and what should we remember about it...? Let's discover through this article, the answers to this question and to many others too. That's it!


If you've been wondering what Autokit Carplay is without coming up with a satisfactory answer, we'll explain it here. As introduced above, Autokit Carplay is an application. Its particularity is indeed due to the fact that it is an automotive application.

To put it simply, Autokit Carplay is an application that can run on different Android devices, phones, tablets, TVs etc. It is an application that allows the extension of a smartphone on the screen of a vehicle. So as to allow the driver to perform various actions without having to handle his smartphone. The application is only used in the car because its objective is to make driving more pleasant.


If driving a car for a long distance is known to be difficult because it is too demanding and very boring, the arrival of Autokit Carplay has changed the situation. Yes, with the application you will have a real pleasure at the wheel. But how? Here is the answer to that!

The use of the Autokit APK is actually through its connection to the dashboard of your vehicle. This allows you to have, the reflection if not, the exact replica of the screen and some of these tools on your dashboard.

However, we would like to point out that the mode of appearance on the screen of your dashboard may vary. And this, depending on the version of the application, the type of your vehicle, or even your Android device. So, after connecting Autokit Carplay to the dashboard of your vehicle, you can have one of these different display options:

  • Portrait mode
  • Landscape mode
  • Portrait and landscape mode

Whether it's one or the other of these display types, the important thing will be the quality of the Autokit APK. For example, you can connect Autokit Carplay to your vehicle with a wired or wireless connection.


Autokit Carplay is rich in functionality. Among other things, you can play music, make video or audio calls, and read text messages. By activating the "Text to Speech" and "Speech to Text" functionalities, you will be able to reply to messages without typing a single word on the keyboard of your Android device. What better way to drive safely!

If you didn't know what Autokit Carplay was, you now know what it is: an automotive application with exceptional benefits. Try it if you're a car owner, and you'll be right to think that you can drive just as happily without being in a Tesla.

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