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Benefits of a BMW Head-Up Display

Benefits of a BMW Head-Up Display

head up display bmwCf: Head Up display on BMW X1 F48

The BMW logo has always stood for style and class, and BMW was really the first one to introduce head-up displays. More recently BMW has joined the race by introducing a head-up display for their cars in the form of a screen on the front of steering wheel. The screen is tilted slightly upwards to display information such as speed, battery status, fuel consumption, oil pressure and more. These are programmed into the car's head unit, and the driver has no need to pull over to get any kind of information.

This technology has been used for a long time in the auto industry, and some say that even in the field of the military. In fact, it was an early example of a head-up display system used in combat back in WWII, by the German Army. Head-up displays were first used in the production of tanks in the war. During the cold war period, they were used for controlling the movement of troops in the field. As the world became more connected and technologically advanced, the need for head-up displays grew. There are a number of benefits to having one on your car, and they are even used on trains now. This will certainly help to improve the safety of your car and the passengers.

For the moment, Apple Carplay is not compatible with BMW’s head-up display because Carplay is a foreign application, not internal information like speed or others.



Another great benefit of BMW's heads-up display is that you can program what you want to display on it. For example, you can go on the Idrive menu and select what are the options you want to be on the screen. This is especially helpful if you use the car for long journeys. It is also useful in that it is a display of information that can be seen at night. With head-up displays like this you will surely have the peace of mind that you can be safe in any type of weather condition.