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CarPlay and Deezer

CarPlay and Deezer

At the end of 2015, Deezer updated its application available on the App Store, which finally became compatible with Apple CarPlay. Drivers can now listen to Deezer at the wheel from the dashboard, via their iPhone.

apple Carplay Deezer


Thanks to Deezer in CarPlay, the driver can safely listen to his favorite songs. Moreover, this app is available on a selection of vehicles and car radios, starting with iOS 7.1.

Having Deezer in your car is a guarantee to listen to your albums, playlists and tracks, even without network with previously downloaded music. The driver can also use the Flow custom radio function and find the Deezer Mixes that best suit your current musical mood.


Deezer is probably the best app to set the rhythm of your journeys. Recently, the app has added a repeat option in Apple CarPlay. In other words, the user can listen several times in a row to the music he likes by activating the repeat option for a track, an album or a playlist. A new button allows you to listen to your favorite songs over and over again in the car.

In addition, Deezer supports 3D Touch, specifically Quick Actions (on iPhone 6S only). This way, the driver can press harder on the Deezer app to access several topics, without even having to open the application.


Since iOS 12, drivers can have shortcuts for Siri. In other words, they can invoke Apple's voice wizard and ask it to launch Flow on Deezer, favorite songs or play random music, without having to touch their iPhone or the car radio screen. They can also exclude explicit music by activating the dedicated option in the settings.

Note that Deezer (unlike Apple Music) allows you to listen to free music with ads and some limitations, such as Spotify. Moreover, remember that CarPlay is reserved for Deezer Premium+ and Deezer Elite subscribers. Note also that it is essential to have a vehicle offering CarPlay compatibility.

All our CarPlay modules integrate the Deezer application.

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