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Carplay Audi MIB3

Carplay Audi MIB3

carplay audi 2021

It is now possible to continue to maintain your old habits while driving your Audi MIB3. You can access your favorite applications from the screen of your car with just a few clicks thanks to Carplay. Let's find out more about this little technological marvel that makes your life easier.


Carplay is a technology that refers to Apple's standard that offers you the ability to access several applications from your car screen. It helps you access the reduced iOS interface and allows you to make calls, receive messages and also send them with great ease. Applications that can be used through this device include Waze, Coyote, Siri, Google Maps, Maps, Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer, etc. This technology is simply revolutionary and allows you to manage your business even while driving, that is to say without fear of distracting you from the concentration required while driving. The steering wheel controls can be used with such a device.


The Apple Carplay module for your Audi with the MIB system is based on Siri. A basic layout that allows you to place commands without distracting you from driving. Carplay is compatible with many prestigious and luxury car brands. It makes navigating Maps more accessible and easier. At the same time, it allows you not only to chat with your loved ones, but also and above all to access multimedia options: play music and watch videos. These features are possible via the large icons that will be displayed on your car screen and by voice commands. Carplay can work with a wide variety of apps that are part of iOS13. It also works with iHeart, Radio, Whatsapp, Spotify and Audible. Reading audio books is also possible.


The facilities offered by Carplay do not apply to all cars. It's important to make sure that the device is compatible with your car before you start thinking about installing it. That said, for the Audi brand, you don't have to worry about it. You simply have to rely on the user's guide in order to have the required procedure to make Carplay work in your car.

In conclusion

Carplay has been available for a few years now and is a very innovative device that can be used for an unparalleled driving experience. This technology delights more than one car driver because of the facilities it graciously puts at their disposal. The variants of this tool make its use even more interesting. The giant Apple offers it to its users in order to allow them to enjoy a better comfort in their car. As a result, driving becomes very pleasant, because accessing your car screen to better enjoy the functionalities of your vehicle is simply pleasant.

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