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CarPlay, free or paid?

CarPlay, free or paid?

Apple CarPlay is one of the most popular systems for drivers with an iPhone who want to link their smartphone with the in-car radio. It provides them with numerous functionalities carefully designed by specialists, who are there to improve the driver's comfort on board and enable him to drive in complete safety. But, is CarPlay free or not? We will take a look at the situation!

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First of all, it should be noted that the Apple CarPlay system is a version of iOS for vehicles.

By going through Thecarplayer.com, you will be sure to have this system on board for free, without paying any extra cost. The car radios available on our online store are all equipped with Apple CarPlay.

Once the car radio is installed in your car, simply connect your iPhone to your car and you're done! Once connected, your iPhone will transfer its content to the car radio's screen. So you can take advantage of the apps available on your cell phone, such as Maps, Google Maps, Waze, Calls, Messages, Spotify, etc.


In general, Apple CarPlay is a free system that can be found on most car brands. However, it is paid for by some manufacturers. As an example, drivers with a BMW sedan must pay a subscription of 300 euros to have access to this system for the life of the car.

It is important to mention that it is the manufacturers who make the decision to charge or not to charge Apple CarPlay. The Apple brand does not impose anything at all!

Depending on the brand of the car, Apple CarPlay is sometimes integrated in paid packs adding devices such as GPS (note that CarPlay gives access to the GPS of the mobile device). No doubt, the BMW brand has gone a bit too far by offering its customers a 300 euros subscription.

Note that it is possible to use CarPlay wirelessly in your BMW, and this for free. For this, you will need a BMW of the model years 2019 and 2020.

When you install one of our modules in your vehicle, you should know that there will be no subscription and that CarPlay will be present for life! All our products are available on thecarplayer.com .

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