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CarPlay in 2022

CarPlay in 2022

Carpaly en 2022

Since almost the beginning of the iPod, Apple has been experimenting with connecting its mobile devices with embedded systems. In 2014, the creation of IOS 7.1 and the iPhone 5, the Cupertino-based company experienced a big boost. As the smartphone is mainly used for GPS, the goal was to allow drivers to safely access the basic functionality of the iPhone. And that's how CarPlay was created.


CarPlay is Apple's system that allows certain iphone-specific apps to play from your car's control screen. It's a customizable tool that helps you check and reply to messages, listen to music, drive and more. And all this without being distracted by the voice assistant and/or the driving interface. Find out everything you need to know about CarPlay in the following lines, even if your car doesn't yet have an infotainment screen (optional extra equipment).

CarPlay is well available for aftermarket devices as well, so you can use it in older vehicles that wouldn't otherwise be suitable. These are available from most of the top audio brands like Alpine, Blackpunkt, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer or Sony. There are also devices that can be attached to the sun visor of your vehicle helmet, so that the CarPlay screen is in your line of sight.


CarPlay is built into iOS. That means you don't need to install a special app on your iPhone for it to work. If your media interface and iPhone support CarPlay, all you have to do is plug the device into a USB socket in the car for the feature to become available. The user then simply needs to confirm the CarPlay feature on the car's display or, if applicable, on their phone.

As of iOS 9 (2015), CarPlay also works wirelessly, which means there is no physical connection between the iPhone and your car. However, there are still not many vehicles with this capability and there is no official way on a list. Also, one device in the same car may be compatible with CarPlay wirelessly, while another is not. The fact that the license is granted by the manufacturer of the multimedia device and the integrated system varies by model, so that the function is not available across the board, is enough. This is the case with the Hyundai Tucson, for example.


CarPlay can be controlled in two ways: through the screen or through voice commands. Interaction by directly touching the screen is the most natural and most similar to the way smartphones are used in everyday life. With CarPlay, interaction with the screen is deliberately kept to a minimum. The buttons are enlarged so that you can use them with little attention.

You can also use the Siri voice assistant to control CarPlay. Just say the usual phrase "Say Siri" and then add the desired command, such as "Send Dad a message" or "I want to go home." You can also activate Siri by pressing the vehicle's voice command button, which is usually on the steering wheel. All you have to do is ask.

Please note that when you activate CarPlay, physical buttons are automatically assigned to the vehicle's voice control and phone. However, the vehicle's voice functions are usually still available. In this case, simply press briefly to access the vehicle's built-in voice assistant and press and hold to access Siri.


compatible apple carplay

It's hard to find a comprehensive list of apps that can be played with CarPlay. However, there are several categories of apps that you can use. On the one hand, there are the custom apps that are already present on your iPhone: Phone and Messages as well as Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Calendar and of course Maps.

Depending on the brand of your car, the application is installed by default and has the features you want. In the audio streaming category, you can install Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Radio France, Indés Radios, Overcast, Audible, radio.fr and many other apps. In the Navigation category, most of the reference applications are available: Waze, Coyote, TomTom, HERE WeGo. WhatsApp, Telegram or Line are alternatives to Apple's instant messaging applications (SMS and iMessages).

This list is far from being exhaustive. There are applications related to productivity like Microsoft Teams to manage conference calls from a cab or to manage car rentals (Virtuo ...). Since iOS 14, CarPlay is also open to parking management or meal ordering applications, but for now few of them are compatible.


Yes, CarPlay allows you to choose from several backgrounds that automatically switch between light and dark colors based on the user's choice. To do this, set the display options in the "CarPlay Settings" app, then set the "Background" option on the vehicle's screen.

You can also choose which apps are displayed on each vehicle's screen. For example, in a family car with a combustion engine, it doesn't make sense to fill the screen with ABRP and Plug-Share apps, whereas those apps will be important in an electric car.

To do this, go to your iPhone to Settings > General > CarPlay and select the relevant vehicle. When you're done, tap the "Customize" button. A list of compatible installed apps will appear. Tap the "-" icon next to an app to remove it from the vehicle screen and the "+" icon to add it.

You can also change the order in which applications appear. Simply drag each application above or below another to determine its position on the screen. The number of applications on each screen depends on the size and format of your vehicle's screen.


Starting with iOS 13, CarPlay offers a dashboard mode that divides the screen into three areas, each associated with an app. In this mode, the navigation app screen (Maps, Waze, etc.) is displayed on the left and information about the media file being played is displayed on the bottom right. At the top right is a small banner with the calendar, where you can suggest upcoming appointments or Siri's suggestions for your regular or planned activities (e.g., a route to your next meeting place). To choose between the calendar menu and the Siri menu, go to the "CarPlay Settings" app and turn on or off "Suggestions" on the dashboard.

Please note that you can run one app on CarPlay and the other on your iPhone. For example, it is possible to combine navigation in the Maps app on the vehicle screen with the Coyote driver assistance app on the iPhone.


For obvious safety reasons, CarPlay does not allow viewing video files or photos while driving. What's less easy to understand is that it's not possible when the car is stationary, such as when the engine is off.

It is also not possible to use social media like Twitter and Facebook, read websites or written content like e-mails. You can't play video games either.

However, there are ways to get around these restrictions and to do so, the iPhone must be jailbroken. This is only possible for certain versions of iOS, but it is in any case not a good idea to read your e-mails or Facebook while driving.


carplay 2022

You'll be able to perform more controls with the iPhone. Apple wants to give CarPlay users the ability to control the climate, adjust their seat or access the electric meter. Apple wants to impose its interface on car manufacturers.

Google has reached agreements with a number of automakers, including Polestar, Ford, Honda and General Motors, to lift the restriction and introduce Android vehicles as the basis for the user interface. Apple is also working on partnerships to make more progress than Google. On the other hand, automakers may not want to give the keys to their interfaces to Apple.

Bloomberg believes that Apple's CarPlay system could be developed similarly to Apple's HomeKit system, with very advanced features and specific APIs. If this project sees the light of day, CarPlay will be the most advanced car operating system and will add new features to the iPhone. Some manufacturers have already been convinced by Apple. Some cars of the German giant BMW can already be unlocked with an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

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