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CarPlay in a DS3

CarPlay in a DS3

carplay ds3

The CarPlay application is now well and truly available in the Citroën DS3. It is then the moment for you to start benefiting from all the applications available on your iPhone in this car. What are the features offered by Apple CarPlay in the Ds3? How to install Carplay on your new Citroën? You're about to find out a little more about this.


CarPlay lets you enjoy a host of Apple features right on the dashboard of your Ds3. These features are exactly the same as those available on your iPhone or iPad. You can make phone calls from CarPlay in your DS3. Just launch the call by clicking on the call icon on your dashboard. Then you can activate Siri to have voice command. Also, you can write messages to your loved ones with that same voice command.

On CarPlay you can sail between several sounds from here and there by having access to the best radio stations on the DS3. Or you can connect your Apple Music via Wifi and listen to your favorite songs. On CarPlay you have the option to follow a navigation on GPS other than the one on the DS3. However, keep in mind that you can't enjoy all your iPhones applications on Carplay. You will just experience the ones that are useful while driving.


To take advantage of the many features mentioned above, it is necessary to install CarPlay on the DS3. So you need to establish a CarPlay -Ds3 connection to do so. There are two options available to you, the wireless connection and the connection via USB Carplay cable.

Installing CarPlay on the Ds3 via wireless connection

To install CarPlay on the Citroen DS3 via wireless connection, make sure your iPhone visibility is enabled. To find out, just go to your connection settings. So activate your visibility if it is not. Then, run the search through the Bluetooth screen of your DS3. The activated devices will certainly show up. Press the brand of your phone to establish the connection. You will be asked for a security number to insert on the console of your DS3. Once the code is inserted, validate the sharing with your iPhone. As soon as the connection is established, the CarPlay home screen will automatically appear on your Ds3.

Installing CarPlay on the Citroën Ds3 via USB Carplay cable

Apart from the wireless link available via Bluetooth or Wifi, it is possible to install CarPlay via a USB cable. This is actually the easiest option. To do so, you can use your iPhone USB cable to connect the DS3 dashboard to your phone. Once connected to the dashboard, your iPhone screen will be displayed on the Ds3. Then tap on the Carplay icon and install. You will see the application automatically appear on your Citroën's screen. You will then be able to enjoy the best of iPhone's conveniences while driving.

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