Carplay in an Audi a3 e-Tron

Carplay in an Audi a3 e-Tron

Audi A3 e-tron

The use of cell phones while driving is prohibited in all countries. This restriction helps to reduce the number of accidents and therefore to preserve your life. Nevertheless, users continue to flout this regulation. Carplay is a definite alternative to allow you to use your iPhone in the car. Why install Carplay in an Audi? How do you do it?


Carplay is a mobile application that is useful to have in your car. It allows you to stay focused while using the features of your smartphone. Carplay is also displayed in one place on your dashboard. So you can select all the options you want quickly without losing sight of the traffic.

Carplay has many advantages, including the ability to make calls to a third party. Using Siri, you can make calls with just a few words. Siri is a voice command embedded in the Carplay mobile application. It automatically takes care of your requirements and prevents you from taking your concentration away from the journey.

In addition, you can send and receive messages via WhatsApp, Messenger or email. When the messages appear, Siri tells you the name of the sender and the content.

Finally, you can listen to all your favorite music on Carplay. To do so, tap on the dashboard touchscreen or tell Siri to play your favorite playlist. If you're an avid reader, you can listen to books while you're on the road. For those who love the news, you can also enjoy Siri's assistance in reading the news.


You don't need to install Carplay in your vehicle since the application is already in your vehicle. You just need to activate it. If your vehicle is Carplay-enabled, you have three ways to complete the activation. Check them out.

Activate Carplay via cable

To activate Carplay via cable, you need to connect your smartphone's cable to the vehicle's USB port. Before doing so, make sure you have activated the voice assistant on your smartphone.

Activate Carplay via Bluetooth

To activate Carplay via Bluetooth, turn on your Bluetooth application on your car's dashboard. Then start the search and wait for the car to pick up your smartphone's Bluetooth. When your two devices are paired, you need to hold down the voice control button next to the steering wheel. Then go to your phone's settings and select the car option in Carplay.

Activate via Wi-Fi

Activating Carplay via Wi-Fi is also possible. Just share your iPhone connection with your car's Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi requires a code to connect, enter the code and connect.


To find out if your vehicle is compatible with Carplay, just go to the administration menu. If you find an application dedicated to Apple, then you are compatible with Carplay.

You can also contact your dealer to get information about your vehicle. You can also try it by just plugging the iPhone cable into the car's USB port. If the application appears, then your vehicle is compatible with Carplay.

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