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CarPlay in Canada

CarPlay in Canada

Apple CarPlay in Canada Rolling Out Speed Limits in Apple Maps [u] | iPhone  in Canada Blog

Apple CarPlay has revolutionized not only the cell phone field but also the automotive industry. Many automakers have started by integrating it into the technology of their latest models. In Canada, the revolution is the same and Canadian car brands are scrambling in the CarPlay arena. How did CarPlay get shipped to Canada? How did it take hold? You're about to find out more about that. 

Shipping Carplay to Canada: Mazda at the forefront of CarPlay

Mazda is one of the first car brands to integrate CarPlay technology into its cars. The first models put at the forefront of this technology are: the Mazda6 2018 and the CX-3 2019. Thus, since the summer of 2018 CarPlay technology has been installed in all models of Mazda vehicles 2019 except in the MX-5 2019.

Apple Carplay's special offer to use your iPhone while driving was initially available on a subscription basis. For new models, the monthly subscription was retained at $250 and $2500 for the annual option. The models with this technology had the chance to access most of the iOS apps on the Mazda dashboard. Thus, any driver can sail from an iPhone user interface to Apple Carplay by using Mazda's branded HMI control. Mazda even started CarPlay in these older models as a monthly and annual subscription in the summer of 2019. To do this, Mazda Canada used the Mazda Connect app. A system that first ensures the installation of Carplay on the car and then the connection with your iPhone.

Carplay installation in Canada 

After the integration of CarPlay in Canada by Mazda, the brand noticed a consequent increase in its sales level. This has created a tremendous buzz around Apple CarPlay. Several dealerships have requested from car manufacturers such as Hyundai and Ford, the integration of this feature. A way that would allow them to sell new car models a little faster. Thus, the tracks were more smoothed to Apple CarPlay, which has seen its popularity rating double in less than a year. The funds for access to CarPlay technology were then paid back on the sale prices of the cars instead of subscriptions.

Hyundai Canada: An Evolution of CarPlay Technology 

The full installation of Apple CarPlay has had a big impact on Hyundai Canada's technological innovations. The automotive behemoth was one of the first brands to experiment with Carplay's wireless connection. It's a technology that quickly caught on in the fall of 2019 as well as the simultaneous integration of the TomTom GO and Audible apps.

To date, Canada is one of the first countries in the world where Apple Carplay is still popular. Also, the integration of the Alpines car radio to boost the relaxation at the wheel. The new innovations in terms of telephony behind the wheel are also proposed by the manufacturers themselves. A way that allows drivers to experience new sensations on the road with Apple every day. 

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