Carplay in full screen on my BMW

How do I get Carplay in full screen on my BMW?

You recently bought a BMW with a brilliant 1000 light option that even has the original Apple Carplay with a large original screen. The large screens called "Professional" are very appealing because they offer all-round user comfort. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the function you use on a daily basis: Apple Carplay.

carplay petit écran

Indeed, you do have Apple Carplay that takes the place of a little more than half of your big screen. The almost empty space shows only the compass or the name of the connected iPhone. Which is really useless.

 carplay grand écran

Above, the image of what you really expect to get when you talk about Apple Carplay on a German premium BMW.

How do you get there? You've probably often been confronted with the dealer who tells you that it's impossible to make any modifications, but rest assured, there's a possibility that's open to you.

Indeed, our site has the solution by offering you a USB stick ready to plug into your USB slot in your BMW. The procedure is simple: plug in the USB stick, your screen restarts and it's ready, you can remove the USB stick and enjoy your screen in its entirety.

First of all, you need to know the software version before you can perform this procedure.

How can you check which version you have?
Go to Navigation -> Press the Options button -> Select Navigation Settings -> Scroll down and Version -> Select the version information.

First check your version: NBTevo_A to NBTevo_N : this modification will not be effective.
For the NBTevo_P... Q... R... version and so on : OK

Here is the link to our product: Carplay BMW full screen coding.

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