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Carplay in luxury cars?

Carplay in luxury cars?

Carplay voiture luxe

If some cars have a reputation for luxury, it's because they have comfort systems that ordinary cars don't have. One of these systems is Carplay. What is Carplay? What are its uses? Is its presence in so-called luxury cars a requirement or a choice? Discover with us the answers to the various questions.


Carplay is one of the great technological innovations made by Apple. The system developed by Apple is simply a marvel in terms of car. Carplay is a system that allows the extension of an iPhone on the console of a car.

In concrete terms, it is simply a version of iOS that has the particularity of being automotive. The system allows to realize, while driving, the following actions:

  • Make calls: this last one can be audio as well as video
  • Play music since it (Carplay) gives you access to your multimedia data
  • Find a route thanks to the GPS
  • Send messages via social networks

There are many tasks that Carplay can perform. The least that can be said about these tasks is that they each have their own uses for the driver. As you can see, the duplicate screen does not take into account all the features and tools of the phone. The screen extension is limited to applications and tools that are not incompatible with driving. As you can see, holding the steering wheel requires a lot of concentration.


Carplay is a highly useful system. In addition to the comfort of the driver of the car in which it is installed, Carplay also ensures road safety. In terms of convenience, Carplay allows you to exchange text messages with your friends and family while driving your car via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

And that's not all! With Carplay, you can play music, make calls or use your GPS. Don't worry, it won't be up to the driver to have his smartphone in hand and manipulate it while driving. No! He will carry out all his actions through the use of Siri, a voice command like no other, or through the use of the Text to Speech and Speech to Text features.


When you talk about a car, and a luxury car at that, you have to have a better in-car system that can provide the necessary comfort to the driver. Carplay is one of the best automotive technologies nowadays, so it is essential to integrate it in all luxury cars.

For this reason, today almost all the major car manufacturers make Carplay a criterion that defines the quality of the car. There are many car giants that have already made it a requirement. There are Tesla, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Aston Martin, Honda, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Fiat etc.

The luxury of a car is nothing more than the utilities that this system presents. Carplay in luxury cars is a technological requirement. A requirement that car manufacturers who want to market luxury cars must meet.

However, it should be noted that Apple Carplay is still an option that must be paid for when you buy your car, and even if you have a luxury car, it is not certain that you will have this option. It's not a requirement. If you do not have Carplay in your luxury vehicle, do not hesitate to contact our team who will certainly be able to help you.