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Carplay in my Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Carplay in my Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Carplay Alpha Romeo

The quest for a better driving experience has led to the invention of various in-car systems. One of these is Carplay, one of the best automotive technologies. What is Carplay? How should you install it in your Alfa Romeo Giulietta? Read this article to find out. Let's get started!


Carplay is an in-car system that makes driving a pleasure thanks to its various features. These include calls (audio or video), GPS, multimedia playback, texting, etc. In other words, Carplay is a technology, an automotive version of iOS that extends your smartphone to your car's console.

But this extension is not integral. Only the tools and applications on your smartphone that are compatible with being behind the wheel are extended. Yes, since driving is a task that requires great vigilance, it is important to take into account the "road safety" dimension in this system developed by Apple.


The benefits of having Carplay installed are twofold. Apart from the convenience the system offers, it also ensures your safety on the road.

Indeed, Carplay allows you to make various types of calls without having to manipulate your smartphone while driving. Apple has, for this purpose, integrated its famous voice command into its system. Siri can also be used to access multimedia content, use the GPS, etc.

Carplay is also an excellent means of communication. It allows you to send text messages to your friends and family via social networks without having to press a single letter on your telephone keypad. You will only have to use Text to Speech or Speech to Text, two very good features.


If you own an Alfa Romeo Giulietta and want to install Carplay, find out how below. Carplay can be connected to your vehicle either via USB cable or via Bluetooth.

Connection via USB cable

The first step will be to start your Alfa Romeo Giulietta and make sure the console is on. Then you will use the iPhone charger cable to connect the phone to the console. This connection will not charge your phone but will stabilize the charge of the phone. Since at this stage Carplay would have already appeared automatically on the screen of your car, you will only have to press the icon designating it on the console.

Connection via Bluetooth

First of all, you have to activate the Bluetooth of your iPhone and make it detectable by the car's console. Secondly, you will have to search from the console for the Bluetooth of your smartphone and select it.

The next step is to enter the security code that will be sent to you. You will have to fill in the code on your cell phone and on the car's screen. The last step will be to validate the sharing from your mobile. After that, you will see Carplay automatically appear on your car's console.

Carplay is a car technology that combines road safety and driver's pleasure. So to have more convenience on board an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, install Carplay.

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