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Carplay in my Seat mii

Carplay in my Seat mii

Carplay Seat MII

The Seat mii is a small vehicle with four seats. It is manufactured since 2011 by the brand Seat located in Spain. The Seat mii is listed in the small city car category of the NSF (New Small Family) group. Having Carplay in this car is important to stay focused on the road and to have full control of your driving. What does Carplay do in the Seat mii? How to set up Carplay in your Seat mii? Find out the answer to these questions by reading the following lines.


As an iPhone user, Apple Carplay is one of the safest and most convenient ways to stay alert and attentive on the road while using your phone. By connecting Carplay to your iPhone, you can make calls, receive and send texts, play music, enjoy step-by-step navigation and much more.

If you have at least iOS 13, the Carplay dashboard on your Seat mii will give you a more attractive view of all the streets in front of you. With the Seat mii's information and entertainment system, you'll be able to take advantage of navigation features such as audio suggestions, Siri commands and the Maps app.

When Carplay is set up in your Seat mii, you'll have easier access to things like your calendar events, automatic door openers, control of your HomeKit tools, and more.

You'll just need to make sure you're in a region or country where Apple Carplay is available, since the Seat mii is an already Carplay-enabled vehicle.


To set up Carplay in the Seat mii, you'll need to start the car first, then check if Siri is enabled. The next step will be to connect the car to your iPhone:

  • If your Seat mii allows you to use Carplay through a USB cable, then you will need to ensure the connection to the USB port of the vehicle. Often, the cable will have a smartphone or Carplay icon on it. Either way, you'll need to use a Lightning-type cable to connect to the iPhone.
  • If your Seat mii gives you the possibility to use Carplay both in USB and wireless mode (case of hybrid models), you can connect the iPhone directly to the car. Once this is done, a message will be sent to the phone. You will be asked to choose the wireless mode for the next times.

If your Seat mii only works in wireless mode with Carplay (this is often the case for electric models), you'll simply have to hold down the voice control button on the steering wheel. The Bluetooth and the wireless mode of the car radio will then have to be activated.

On the iPhone, go to settings, then general, Carplay and choose your Seat mii to sync. You can also check the car manual. It contains a lot of valuable information and will certainly guide you more.

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