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Carplay in Washington D.C.

Carplay in Washington D.C.

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In the capital of the United States, traffic jams are part of everyday life, especially at 8 am. Thousands of people are driving their cars to reach their workplace, university, college, etc. To avoid traffic jams, it is strongly recommended to have a GPS app on board your car such as Waze. To use it, it is essential to have a touch screen in your vehicle. For this, there is nothing better than choosing a car radio compatible with CarPlay technology. Why? Apple's in-car system is one of the most sold in the world, especially in the United States.


When we drive our car in Washington, it is highly recommended to use the famous Waze app. By having CarPlay in your vehicle, it is possible to use this app from the dashboard.

With its community aspect, Waze is recognized as the favorite app of drivers. It is based on a simple principle: the driver sees real-time information on traffic, accidents, speed cameras, controls... Thus, he can avoid traffic jams and arrive at his destination in a few minutes.

On Waze, the driver can also contribute by giving useful information that he/she meets on the road. Based on all the information shared by Washington users, the app recalculates the route and suggests the fastest and least congested route to the driver. The objective: to save time by avoiding red zones.


In Washington, and in any other city around the world, Apple CarPlay allows drivers to drive safely and with peace of mind. In other words, the in-car system allows them to use dozens of options for driving without having to hold the phone in their hands or touch the in-car touchscreen.

The driver can use the steering wheel controls to play music on board, make calls, and more. They can even use the Siri voice assistant to do a number of things in the vehicle.

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