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Carplay installation tutorial on BMW 1 Series E82

Carplay installation tutorial on BMW 1 Series E82

intérieur bmw série 1 coupé e82

We will see here in pictures how Apple Carplay is installed on a BMW E82 series coupe which is the same as an E87, E88, E81.

Required hardware: a Phillips screwdriver

Installation time: 30-40 minutes

Inventory: Carplay module and wiring.
This includes the module, a wifi antenna, 2 LVDS (video) cables, the power cable, the sound cable, and a USB cable (do not plug it in if using the wireless device).


démontage cache autoradio bmw e81

Start by unclipping the plastic cover.

démontage panneau climatisation bmw série 1

First take out the air-conditioning control, the white and black connectors must be taken out.

démontage plastique bmw série 1

Remove the plastic cover.

démontage poste autoradio cic bmw

There are 2 screws to be unscrewed (the ones that hold the CIC car radio)


démonter cache levier de vitesse bmw

To have more facility for the continuation, it is necessary to unclip (very simple) the plastic support of the gear lever (if it is a manual gearbox then pull on the leather part).

démonter idrive bmw

In the same way, unclip the Idrive joystick.

démonter molette bmw

Once in hand, you can see the unique connector on the joystick. Disconnect it.

démontage molette idrive bmw

And reconnect it to the provided plug.

branchement joystick bmw

Plug the kit connector back into the joystick socket. The purpose is to make a by-pass (a bridge).


cable vidéo bmw série 1

At the car radio, identify the video jack on the car radio (it is pink).

cable vidéo bmw série 1

Unplug this plug and plug it into the female video jack of the kit.

cable vidéo bmw série 1

The pink plug (male) of the kit is to be plugged in instead of the unplugged one. (same, we make a by-pass for the video).

branchement carplay

Connect LCD-IN and LCD-OUT as follows.

passer câble bmw

For the cable, no need to dismantle everything, just run the cable along.


chargement Carplay

You can now test by pressing the MENU key on the joystick for 2-3 seconds, we switch to the Carplay interface. (first start)

interface carplay

The adjustment interface.

apple Carplay BMW e82 e87 e81 e88

Carplay displayed.

Module link: HERE