Carplay installation tutorial on Range Rover Vogue

Carplay installation tutorial on Range Rover Vogue

tuto installation carplay range rover vogue

Here we will see in pictures how to install Apple Carplay on a Range Rover Vogue L322.

Required equipment: a T20 torx screwdriver.

Installation time: about 1h30

Inventory: Carplay module and wiring.
So we count the module, a wifi antenna, 2 video cards with the flexible mats, the power cable, the auxiliary cable, and a USB cable (no need to connect it if you use the device wirelessly) and the rest of the wiring.


démontage range rover vogue

Remove the glove box and screen side to be more comfortable for the assembly.


démontage écran vogue

Install the decks (video cards) behind the screen.

démontage écran vogue

Last step : fix the board behind the screen

démontage écran vogue

Then connect the video card to the central unit.

Do not forget to connect the central unit with the Carplay module provided.


Press the BACK or MENU button for 3 seconds on your screen.

The menu will appear, select what you want to use: Apple Carplay, Android Auto or Mirror Link.

carplay land rover l322

Here, we have chosen Apple Carplay on this Range Rover Vogue L322.

Our module: Apple Carplay for Range Rover Vogue : HERE

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