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CarPlay: New with iOS 14.3

CarPlay: New with iOS 14.3

carplay ios 14.3

Apple CarPlay has just updated its embedded system by launching the iOS 14.3 version. Many new features await drivers. We'll take a look!


Say goodbye to black and white, often considered bland colors. With iOS 14.3, Apple CarPlay can accommodate multiple wallpapers. The Apple provides drivers with 5 carefully selected visuals so as not to distract them. Please note that it is not possible to import your own images.

In addition to wallpapers, the new interface better supports vertical or square screens. The menu bar toggles horizontally and takes place at the bottom of the screen.


With the new update, Siri knows how to send audio messages from Apple CarPlay. To do this, you just have to give an order to the voice assistant: "Send an audio message to [Contact]", and that's it. It is also possible to reply to a received message with an audio message.

CarPlay compatible apps can use the same function: WhatsApp, Zoom, Telegram, etc.

With the iOS 14.3 update, Apple's voice assistant can also share an arrival time with a contact. To do this, simply ask the contact to "Share arrival time with [Contact]".


iOS 14.3 also brings new features for developers. Apple CarPlay opens up to apps for parking, charging electric vehicles and ordering take-out meals. In addition, messaging and VoIP apps can display contact lists and conversation history.

At the last WWDC, Apple introduced an app that allows users to locate electric charging stations. It displays points of interest on the map, with the ability to start a route to the location for each one.

Finally, note that the CarKey function appeared with iOS 13.6. This is an option that allows motorists to turn an iPhone or Apple Watch into a virtual key to open the doors of compatible vehicles. At present, there are few cars compatible with this feature. Only the BMW brand offers it.

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