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Carplay Peugeot 2008

Carplay Peugeot 2008

Carplay 2008

Carplay is one of the best in-car systems when it comes to the world of cars. In addition to the fact that the system is safe, it also contributes to the comfort of the driver of the vehicle in which it is installed. What is Carplay? How to install it in the Peugeot 2008? What are its advantages? Let's discover together the answers to these questions.


Carplay is an automotive technology. It allows the connection of its smartphone to the screen of a vehicle. It is in fact a system that allows the replication of the screen of a phone on the console of a vehicle. Carplay is an application accessible to various types of cars, including the Peugeot 2008

The objective of the system is to allow the driver of a car to use his cell phone in a different way. The replica of the screen that the technology allows takes into account some of the features of the phone. These include GPS, clock, weather, multimedia content, contacts...

Carplay Peugeot 2008 allows the driver to make calls, answer messages, etc., without having to use the phone. And all this without having to handle his phone. Carplay has in fact provided voice recognition commands. So while driving, the driver will only have to press a button on the steering wheel to voice his request to the voice command application that is Siri.


By configuring the system in a Peugeot 2008 car, it is possible to have navigation on a different GPS from the one integrated in your car. You will also be able to make calls and send text messages through the use of Siri voice command. You also have the possibility of playing music or reading audio books.

As you can see, not all the features on your phone will be duplicated on the multimedia screen of your car. It is only the authorized and compatible applications while driving that will be duplicated.


If you own a Peugeot 2008, you will remember that there are several ways to connect the technology to your car. You can do it either with a USB plug or with Bluetooth.

ConnectionĀ via USB

To connect Carplay to your car, you'll simply plug your Apple phone into the car's console using a USB cable.

ConnectionĀ via Bluetooth

With Bluetooth, the process is different. First, you need to activate your phone's Bluetooth and make it visible to the car's console. After searching for your phone via the vehicle's screen, you click on the name of your device to establish the connection between the console and your phone. To do this you will have to fill in two identical codes in two fields on both devices (phone, console). Whether the connection is wired or not, the fact is that Carplay works every time.

The use of Carplay, in addition to being easy, is very safe. Installing it in your Peugeot 2008 would be exclusively in your interest. Follow our steps and you'll get there.

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