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 Carplay usb
The cell phone is an accessory that accompanies you everywhere you go. At home, at the market or in your workplace, you use smartphones. Moreover, you use them while you're driving, unaware of the risks you're facing. To facilitate the use of your electronic device and limit the risks of collision, Carplay USB is necessary. Discover the benefits of Carplay USB and tips for connecting your smartphone to your car.


Carplay USB is a USB stick that connects your smartphone to your vehicle. It allows you to use your phone freely without any apparent danger. In addition, with this tool, you have access to the Siri voice command. Fast and efficient, this command simplifies the use of your smartphone.

In concrete terms, the first advantage of Carplay USB is that it allows you to make and receive calls. It also allows you to exchange messages through messaging platforms such as: WhatsApp, Messenger and others.

In addition, for music fans, you can listen to exciting sounds while you travel. With this device, you can check your calendar and enjoy Google Maps. To perform all these tasks, you have two choices. You can do it directly on the touch screen of your car's dashboard or activate the Siri voice command.


To connect your car with Carplay USB, you need a few tricks.

Activate Android auto on your vehicle using the Carplay USB

For cars that don't have Carplay, make sure your vehicle is compatible with Android auto. To verify this, simply contact your dealer. Then, if you don't have the Android auto app on your Android yet, download it.

On the other hand, you need to connect your Android cable to the Carplay USB stick and connect the other end to your smartphone. This way, you can use it freely. Note that when you activate the Android auto application, your Bluetooth as well as your Wi-Fi will be activated automatically.

Activate Carplay on your vehicle using the Carplay USB

Before activating Carplay, first see if the app is available in your country. Then, make sure it is compatible with your car. If it is, then you can start the process.

As a first step, it's a good idea to make sure your phone's voice assistant is enabled. Secondly, connect your iPhone cable to the USB key and to your car. Immediately, you can see the features of your smartphone on the dashboard.


There is another option to activate these applications on your car. This is activation via Bluetooth. To activate these systems, you simply need to activate the Bluetooth of your device and your vehicle.

Then, you need to start the search from the car's dashboard and pair them. Finally, press the voice control in your vehicle and choose the Carplay option in your phone and you're done.

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