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Carplay - Where to buy?

Carplay - Where to buy?

BMW Backs Down On Apple CarPlay Subscription Pricing

Why is Carplay good?

Basically, CarPlay is iOS for your car. It’s a simplified interface for easy use in a vehicle. It does all the basic stuff: phone calls, maps, music, and text messages using your voice. The idea is to keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone.

The interface is very Apple-esque (naturally), so moving from phone to car is a pretty seamless experience. CarPlay is basically comprised of a main screen with shortcuts to all your currently-installed applications. The sidebar on the left-hand side always houses the “home” button, as well as apps that are running in the background that require attention, like Maps.

Where to buy Carplay?

When it comes to getting CarPlay in your ride, there are two ways that can happen: buy a car with a CarPlay-ready system already installed, or buy an aftermarket head unit. While buying a new vehicle is clearly going to be the easiest way to get CarPlay, it’s also the most expensive—not to mention that if you’re not in the market to buy a new car, well, it’s highly impractical. In that case, just get an aftermarket head unit. Regardless of the direction you go, however, the core experience will pretty much be the same.

We, at thecarplayer.com, offer a wide variety of head units for different car brands. You can check out our full collection by clicking HERE

We also have our stores in Europe:

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  • French store - If you are from France and wish to buy Carplay modules there, you can check it out by visiting this link


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