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Cartoons on CarPlay

Cartoons on CarPlay

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Without a doubt, CarPlay is the most widely used in-car system by automakers, and for good reason. The technology developed by Apple offers drivers dozens of features, hence its success in all corners of the globe.

For families with children, it is possible to watch cartoons on CarPlay to keep the little ones occupied. This is a feature that parents are sure to enjoy.


In an Apple CarPlay-enabled vehicle, YouTube can be displayed on the dashboard screen. This way, parents can launch cartoons in the car to keep the kids occupied, especially when they have a long trip ahead.

To launch YouTube videos, you need to have an Internet connection on your smartphone. If you don't, don't forget to download your little ones' favorite cartoons to play once they're in the car.

As a reminder, Apple has put restrictions in place to block certain apps while driving, such as YouTube. To get around this blocking, CarBridge is the most recommended tool. It is a solution that allows you to launch all iPhone apps directly on the vehicle's center console. Note that the device costs $4.99. Moreover, it is compatible with devices running iOS 10 to iOS 14.

If you are looking for a free solution, NGXPlay is for you. It is a tweak that allows you to have YouTube on CarPlay. This way, your kids can watch their cartoons in the road. It even allows you to launch games on the touch screen. What more could you ask for?


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When driving with children in the car, it is essential to drive safely. To avoid potential worries, it is advisable to start the cartoons before starting the car, especially if you are alone with your little ones in the car.

But if you're driving with another adult on your right, let him or her handle the smartphone and touch screen and focus on the road!

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