Hi Car Huawei VS. Carplay

Hi Car Huawei VS. Carplay

hicar carplay

Technology, like a tidal wave, carries everything in its path. It assists us and provides us with the necessary equipment for our well-being. Recent versions of cars are equipped with highly sophisticated tools that make many people happy. Among these tools, we must distinguish the unavoidable Apple Carplay and the irresistible Hi Car Huawei. Here is a very detailed comparison of the latter.


Recently announced by the industrial firm Huawei, this device has very convincing aspects for a good conduct. Who is it actually for?

What is HiCar?

It is an application that allows you to control a vehicle from your smartphone. The idea is very simple: you have in your possession a tool that will not drive your vehicle, but will allow you to perform some major tasks. HiCar is similar to the Android Auto tool. But, it works with Harmony OS, the new operating system from Huawei that will likely replace Android soon. However, this tool is currently only available on Huawei's high-end models, namely the Mate and P series.

What are the features of the HiCar?

hicar huawei

Huawei has developed a system that becomes the hub of automotive control. With the HiCar, you can adjust the air conditioning, control the windows and wipers, lock the doors of your vehicle and more. The app also allows you to take photos or even videos, using your smartphone's cameras, and then share them easily. Once Hi Car is connected to your car, it appears on the dashboard screen and provides useful information to help you manage your vehicle.


It is the most well-known tool in the world of autonomous driving. It was developed by Apple and works with vehicles equipped with iOS.

What is Carplay?

It is your co-pilot throughout your various trips. Carplay is an application that ensures a perfect interaction with the smartphone and your iPhone. With this tool, it is as if you were typing on your smartphone while driving, with complete confidence. Available only to iPhones with at least iOS 7.1, Carplay makes you more addicted to your car.

What are the features of Carplay?

apple carplay

This device, once turned on, will allow you to perform different tasks more easily. To begin with, you can use your iPhone to unlock your car doors. Under certain conditions, it is even possible to start the car via the iPhone. This is very convenient to have full control over your car. Carplay offers you a dashboard that replaces your smartphone. This means that you can benefit from the same functionalities of your iPhone from the car's dashboard. For example, you can set a wallpaper of your choice, make a phone call, communicate via text messages, use Siri and even install applications from the application store. This tool is able to determine your route just based on your habits. It's no understatement to say that Carplay is the perfect guide for the average driver.

In summary, Hi Car Huawei and Carplay are all applications that make driving easier. They provide real assistance while ensuring your safety. However, Hi Car is still less accessible as it is still in its infancy.

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