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How do I install Carplay in my Dacia Duster?

How do I install Carplay in my Dacia Duster?

carplay dacia duster

Nowadays, we attach great importance to our phones. Apple has decided to develop an application: Carplay. This application allows users to use their phone while keeping an optimal security.

This article will present the application, its features and its use for a Dacia Duster.


Carplay is an integrated operating system designed by Apple to allow drivers to connect their iPhone to their car to access their applications, music services, navigation tools and messages. This application will allow drivers to focus on the road while maintaining a visual on the phone.

Carplay is available if you own a Dacia Duster and this model offers you the possibility to activate the voice assistant "Siri" by pressing a button on the steering wheel. This will allow you to drive while keeping an eye on the road.


On board your Dacia Duster, Carplay will give you access to a touch screen where you can find several functionalities such as:

  • Making a phone call by touching the icon on the screen or by Siri ;
  • Start a GPS navigation;
  • Enjoying your favorite music or listening to audio books.


To use Carplay on Dacia Duster, you will have two options: USB cable or Bluetooth.

If you choose to connect via a USB cable, you'll need to plug the cable into the USB port on your Dacia Duster's dashboard.

If you don't have a cable, don't worry. You can use our wireless Carplay adapter which will allow you to benefit from your original Carplay but this time without having to connect a USB Lightning cable. To do this you need to:

  • Plug the adapter into the USB socket of your Dacia;
  • Check that your Bluetooth is activated and that your Bluetooth is detectable by your Dacia Duster;
  • Make a search on the screen of your Dacia Duster ;
  • Select the name of your phone on the screen;
  • Accept the security code and validate.

And that's it, you can now use Carplay on your Dacia Duster. The use of Carplay is very intuitive and you will have no problem to get familiar with this tool. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that Carplay is not there to entertain you but to help you ensure your safety and that of other users.

Once activated, just like with the USB port, the Carplay screen should appear directly on the console of your Dacia Duster 2.

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