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How do I install CarPlay in my Jeep Cherokee?

How do I install CarPlay in my Jeep Cherokee?

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Today, the iPhone has become essential in our lives. Of course, it is illegal and risky to use it while driving, but fortunately CarPlay can connect the Apple's smartphone to our Jeep Cherokee. But how to install the Apple's in-car system on the vehicle? We explain everything, point by point!


After starting your Jeep Cherokee, you need to plug the iPhone into the car. There are two options to do this:

Using the USB port

For this solution, simply use a cable to connect the iPhone with the USB port available on the Jeep's dashboard.

To recharge your iPhone, it is advisable to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket.

Using Bluetooth

To activate CarPlay via Bluetooth, make sure the iPhone is in Bluetooth mode. Afterwards, launch the search via the screen of your Jeep, identify the Bluetooth of your phone and activate it. Don't forget to enter the security number on the phone and vehicle console. Finally, check that the Bluetooth icon is connected on your smartphone.

Once activated, CarPlay will automatically appear on the Jeep's screen.


To take advantage of Apple CarPlay features on your Jeep Cherokee, simply use the menu displayed on the vehicle's screen. It's just like using a cell phone.

The Apple's in-car system allows you to make and receive calls, write an SMS while dictating a command, track navigation on a GPS, listen to music, and more. It is also possible to install your favorite applications.

If the radio installed in your vehicle is not compatible with Apple's in-car system, choose the CarPlay Module for Jeep with Uconnect! It's a device that's quick and easy to install, knowing that it integrates perfectly into the car. Just plug the connectors with those of the vehicle, and you're done.

Note that thecarplayer.com will send you the Carplay module adapted to the VIN of your Jeep.

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