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How do I install Carplay in my T-Roc?

How do I install Carplay in my T-Roc?

carplay t-roc

CarPlay is a technological tool that you should necessarily integrate into your T-Roc. This little gem makes the driving experience more enjoyable. In order to enjoy Carplay, you need to install it on your car radio by connecting it via USB cable or wifi. If your car radio is not compatible with Carplay, you can replace it. To do so, you will just have to follow the instructions that we share with you in this content.


Carplay is a system that connects your car to your phone. It brings together many pre-installed applications to allow you to make calls, listen to music and more. In addition to allowing you to perform certain tasks on your phone remotely, it greatly reduces the risks of using your smartphone while driving. Check out our easy-to-use Carplay modules that are compatible with the T-Roc.

If your T-Roc's original car radio is not Carplay-compatible, you'll only be able to enjoy this gadget after replacing it with one that is. The replacement process is very simple and requires the use of a removal kit.

Now it's time to remove the car radio by sliding the two extraction keys into the flat spaces on the bottom of the device. Pull the keys towards you to remove the car radio. Unplug all the cables that connect the car radio to the car and install your new car radio. After this installation, you can connect your car radio to the Carplay module.


To install your module, you will first have to remove the glove box. To do this, you must open the compartment which is near the door then remove the 5 screws accessible at this level. It is behind the glove box that we will put the module after having connected it to the car radio. The connection is very simple and the cables of connections are delivered with the module.

First, connect the 2 video cables (LCD-LVDS), then connect the original "DISP" plug in the female LCD_OUT plug. Then, place the pink LVDS cable (LCD_IN) on the blue connector before removing the cable plugged into the original power socket (Quadlock). Connect the power plug to the supplied By-Pass and plug in the Wifi antenna. Connect the adapter to a JACK or USB socket at the AUDIO_OUT female connector.


After the installation, you have to activate the voice assistance of your iPhone and then connect the phone to the car by one of the USB inputs, by wifi or Bluetooth. You can make the settings by voice command or manually. For voice control, you need to press the voice control button on the steering wheel. At the same time, you need to select the "car available" option on your iPhone. After that, you will have to follow the instructions of the assistance.

For manual setup, you will have to join the menu and then select the "Related Services" and "Apple CarPlay" options. After that, Carplay will start automatically.

Now install your Carplay module like a professional by following the instructions above. Now you have all the cards in your hand to enjoy driving your car.