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How to activate Carplay on a BMW?

How to activate Carplay on a BMW?

Activation Carplay BMW

BMW is a very large global brand specializing in automobiles. Released in 2014, Apple Carplay has observed considerable success in recent years. It has grown and become much more decentralized. Many vehicle models as well as several car manufacturers now support it. This is the case with BMWs. But how do you activate Carplay on a BMW? The answer to this question can be found in the following lines.


Cars that support Apple Carplay do so as standard or offer it as an option. This is the case for all 2016 BMW models and later. There are also some earlier models that through software updates, offer the ability to use Carplay. By clicking here, you will have access to the list of all BMW models compatible with Apple Carplay.

With this service, you have access to the majority of functions available on your iPhone. These include Waze, Spotify, Apple Music, messaging and calling services, navigation with Apple Maps and full control of your ride.


Driving a BMW, driving is better when you have Carplay on board and an IPhone as a smartphone. If these two conditions are met, the installation of Carplay will start with its activation.

Activating Apple Carplay

 It is important to notify that the car radio of the BMW brand cars is originally equipped with Carplay. Thus, as a driver, you will just have to see whether the manufacturer has activated the system or not. If the activation is not done, you will have to contact a professional team to do it.

When the activation is done, you will have to connect your iPhone. The connection is made wirelessly (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) or through a USB port. No wires need to be cut. In order to configure Carplay, there are some steps to take.

On your iPhone, you'll need to activate the Siri voice assistant. Then, you need to connect the car to the iPhone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Then, follow the instructions of the configuration wizard.

Install a module in your BMW to have Carplay

It may happen that your BMW is not compatible with Carplay! This is the case, for example, with some models prior to 2016. In this case, there is a simple and inexpensive alternative. It offers you the same functionality as the Apple system. This is the Carplay module.

It is a very small device that is installed on the car radio of BMWs. Its installation will only take a few minutes. Once it is done, you will have to start the application on the radio. Then, connect your iPhone and you can enjoy your driving.

There are many tutorials to help you install. Also, it is possible to directly change the original car radio, the one placed by the BMW dealer if you have the financial resources. You can then opt for a model compatible with Apple Carplay.

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