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How to activate Mirrolink?

How to activate Mirrolink?


Mirrolink is one of the best technologies in the automotive world. Like Carplay and many others, Mirrolink has become a standard in the automotive market over the years. Many car designers have recognized the value of this technology and are unanimous about its effectiveness. What does Mirrolink mean? What are its uses, how to activate it, etc.? These are some of the questions that we will answer in this article. Follow us to learn all about Mirrolink technology and its activation. Lets dive right in!


Mirrolink is a technology that allows the connection of a smartphone to a car screen. Working through a mobile device, the Mirrolink system doubles the display and some functionalities of a cell phone on a multimedia screen of a motor vehicle (usually it is the car). As a result, the driver behind the wheel of the car has access to various applications on his phone. We have for example applications such as:

  • The web browser
  • Multimedia content players
  • The GPS
  • The weather forecast...

The driver can also make phone calls, video calls via a social network ... This can be WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, ...

Is Mirrolink compatible with all devices?

Like any technology, Mirrolink also has some restrictions that are important to present. It is mainly the frequent incompatibility of this embedded system with certain types of devices.

Established within the Car Connectivity Consortium, Mirrolink technology is normally only compatible with certain brands of smartphones such as: Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Vivo and Oppo, Me and Honor.

If in principle, it is only these types of phones that can work with the technology, it should be remembered that this is totally not the case. Yes, provided they are ready for updates, some phone models can support the connected mirror system.


If you have tried to activate the system without success, don't worry. Below we describe the whole procedure to do it without much difficulty.

Before activating Mirrolink, you should first make sure that your rolling stock is compatible with Mirrolink technology. Secondly, you will have to carefully connect your phone to the car's multimedia screen. A USB cable must be used to do this.

Then you need to open the control panel of the car's screen. Since at this stage a menu "for more connection parameters" is displayed, you will have to press the button indicating it. Then press a second button with the title Mirrolink. Finally, press the "Connect to vehicle via USB" button to activate the Mirrolink system.

This is the activation procedure. Follow the steps described to make it very easy. Opting for this technology will make your driving time a pleasure.

To activate Mirror Link with a previously installed Carplay module, here is a video explaining the process:

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