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How to change a wallpaper on Android Auto?

How to change a wallpaper on Android Auto?

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With the advent of Android Auto car, the feeling behind the wheel is really strong. This application makes it easy to use your smartphone while driving. One of its recent features is the ability to change the wallpaper or even customize it. If you are not yet familiar with Android Auto and this innovative feature, now is the time.


As its name suggests, Android Auto is a car-configured version of the Android operating system. However, it's not a typical version of your phone's interface. In fact, Android Auto comes with a home screen, Google Maps and many Android applications in an audio version. The advantage of this version is that it allows for voice-assisted operation. So you can use the Android applications while keeping your eyes on the road. The Android Auto version is available in different forms. In fact, there are cars that have an integrated version of Android Auto. You can also buy an Android Auto head unit to install it for vehicles that do not have the built-in version. The last alternative is to use it directly from your smartphone, the application being downloadable from Play store.


Usually, Android Auto comes in its original version with a black wallpaper. For some people, this wallpaper is not pleasant and looks too simplistic. However, the app in its 6.0 version offers almost fifteen backgrounds, erected in a very attractive style. But the bad news is that it is not yet possible to customize your wallpaper. So you can't insert an image directly from your gallery. However, this background modification gives your application a proud look and changes the interior of your vehicle. It is even possible to install wallpapers that will change themselves within a certain time frame.


Changing the Android Auto wallpaper is quite easy, in fact you can do it directly on the car's interface. So you don't need to touch your smartphone to do it. A very simple option is to do it by voice control. But, it is essential that you master the touch control process first.

Conveniently, you should access the settings from the home screen. You will see many sections displayed. Press the general section and select the wallpaper directly. There you are, then choose the wallpaper you like from the long list displayed. You will notice that with each selection, the wallpaper is displayed directly and you will be able to appreciate its aesthetics on the screen. The background you leave will be the one that will be maintained because the interface does not have a button to validate the changes.

In summary, changing the background of Android Auto is quite simple. If you do it by touch control, you should be able to do it in a few clicks. By voice control, it's even easier. Just tell your application what to do and it will do it.

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