How to change Carplay to French?

How to change Carplay to French?

Carplay en Français

Carplay is a must-have technology when it comes to car comfort. It is a truly useful in-car system that is used in almost every country today. The languages in these countries are not the same, so putting this version of iOS in-car in the desired language is a real headache. What is Carplay? How does it work and how to put it in French? Opportunity to have answers to questions.


Carplay is a technological gem invented in the automotive world. It is an integration of Apple's iOS in vehicles. Indeed, it is an in-car system that duplicates your smartphone on the screen located in the center of the console of your car. So that the driver can make calls, play music, use the GPS on board, the calendar and many other similar tools. It's not over yet! Using Carplay, the car driver has the possibility to dictate texts and listen to them as well.

Stay calm, this is not an alternative to allow a driver to use his smartphone while driving his car. He will be able to enjoy the various features mentioned above without having his phone in hand. Carplay works with Siri (Apple's voice command) and other related applications.

Carplay does extend your cell phone to the screen of your car, but this extension is only done on tools and applications that are compatible with driving. As you may already know, Carplay is a system that not only looks for the driver's comfort but also for his road safety.


The operation of the system is, as you can imagine, subject to its activation. To use Carplay, it must first be connected to the car's screen. To do this, you will have to make sure that the vehicle is compatible with Carplay.

If it is, you will not be able to establish the connection. It should be remembered that this can be done either by Bluetooth or by using a USB plug. Whether it is one or the other of the two possibilities of connection, you just need to know that the procedure is very simple.


Carplay, after its advent, has been made functional in many countries including France. Carplay should be able to be in French language if it is the one in France. But if this is unfortunately not the case for you, stay calm.

If you want to change Carplay to French, you must first make sure that the system is connected to the car. Since it works on the basis of Apple's voice command, you will first have to enter, from your smartphone, in "settings". Then in "Siri" and finally choose French as the language of the voice command.

The advantages of Carplay inside a car are no longer in question. Taking advantage of it for your comfort would be nice. If setting up Carplay in French seems difficult, we must admit that it is not really the case. Follow the steps mentioned to get there without difficulty.

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