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How to disable Apple CarPlay?

How to disable Apple CarPlay?

apple carplay désactivé

As you probably know, Apple CarPlay is present in a large number of vehicles. The functionalities offered by the said system are more and more numerous, hence its success in the four corners of the globe. In some situations, and especially when the iPhone is almost discharged. So how to disable Apple CarPlay?

To deactivate this system, there are two ways to go:

  • Unplug the iPhone via the USB port;
  • Disable WiFi (if CarPlay works in wireless mode);

We take stock of the situation!


If your CarPlay operation requires a USB connection from your iPhone, simply plug it in to disable this system.

It is also possible to disable Apple CarPlay from the car's touch screen. How? On the dashboard, and regardless of the model of your vehicle, the "disable" option is usually found in the "Settings".

It is also possible to disable the application from your iPhone. Thus, CarPlay does not start automatically once you are in your vehicle. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Enter "Settings" on your iPhone;
  • Click on "Screen Time";
  • Tap on "Content and Privacy;
  • Activate the restrictions;
  • Click on "Allowed Apps;
  • Disable "CarPlay;


In some vehicles, it is possible to have CarPlay in wireless mode, via the "WiFi" option. In this case, you just need to disable WiFi so that CarPlay does not appear on the car's touchscreen. It's simple, quick and effective.

For those who use a USB dongle to get CarPlay in their car, simply unplug that device to disable Apple's system.

There you have it, you now know how to disable CarPlay, no matter what method you use to get this technology working in your car. The deactivation is done in a few seconds and does not require any special knowledge.

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